Is Cold Water Good for Health? Find it Out Here!

Wednesday November 10, 2021 at 12:12 pm

Can you improve your health by drinking a few glasses of cold water daily? Many people try to control their temptation for chilled water as they are under the impression that it might prove harmful. Water is an essential source that comes with a large number of health advantages. What’s better than quenching your thirst with a glass full of ice-cool water?

Everyone is aware that the human body needs eight glasses of water per day to retain a healthy system. It is directly equivalent to 2 liters or half a gallon of water every day. But many people also misunderstand it for warm water only. There is no debate at all on the efficacy of warm water for the overall well-being, but there is a multitude of cold water positives as well. By sneaking out below, you can come to know about the benefits and effects of drinking cold water.

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What Are the Top Benefits of Drinking Cold Water?

Here are the surprising effects of satiating your thirst with a few glasses of cold water. Check them out below:

Increased metabolism and weight loss

The body metabolism rate of the body indicates whether you have good health or not. Many people believe that cold water is only relevant to weight gain, but this is not true. Taking slow sips of cold water can also boost up your metabolism rate.

The recent research from the German experts makes it evident that consuming 6 cups of chilled water daily can surge up the metabolism count by almost 50 calories every day. It is equivalent to going for a walk of 15 minutes every day. Thus, it is pretty evident that you can also cut down on calories by intake of cold water. It is possible to maintain the internal temperature with ice water and burn excess fats and sugars that cause loss of weight.

Your perfect workout partner

A Coldwater bottle can accompany you for the workout as well. A review suggests that people who drink cool water at the time of exercising are less prone to dehydration than those who drink warm water. Most athletes and runners often take a slow sip of cold water rather than warm ones to maintain humidity in the body. People on an exercise regime gradually face a rise in their actual body temperature if they stick to drinking hot water.

While they are cycling, running, or lifting weights, cold water is a better option to keep you hydrated all the time. Hence, if you are hitting a gym, pack a bottle of H2O for yourself along with some ice cubes to enjoy a soothing session. It can also prevent any type of soreness or inflammation before or after the workouts as well. Those facing constant headaches can also keep some ice cubes with themselves as it numbs down the pain.

Helps in soothing pain

When you drink cold water, it activates the skin sensors that level up the heart rate and give you an adrenaline rush. This generates a bit of a skittish feeling that appears incredible. As adrenaline triggers, you tend to stay more alert and mentally active. Research ascertains that apart from caffeine, even the ice-cool water helps keep you more focused and attentive.

The alert mind accelerates better decision-making and uplifts your mood as well. It is a common reason why people offer a cold glass of water to those suffering accidental injuries as it keeps the mind alert. Hence, you face lesser pain despite the trauma you are undergoing in this scenario. You can also read our blog on similar topics of raisin water benefits for the skin.

Rehydrates you

Do you feel like burning out quickly? Well, then switch to ice-cold water in place of the lukewarm or room temperature water. Researchers from Columbia University mentioned a study that says the human body absorbs cold water more quickly as compared to the one at room temperature. This, in a way, helps in repelling all the side effects of dehydration.


The benefits of drinking cold water are, it flushes the toxic substances out of your body. It means by drinking cold water; you can prevent its creation and the adverse effects on your immunity system.

Do you like to sip on plain water? If yes, it would be indeed more fun to hydrate yourself with chilling cold water. Infusing some ice into the plain water can make it a power drink as there are numerous antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins inside it. Isn’t it a great idea to detox naturally with some cold water without compromising on your taste?

There are many other detoxifying drinks that you can mix into cold water and rejuvenate your tastebuds. You can add some lime, orange, and lemon that could boost up the Vitamin C levels in your digestive system. This can relieve bloating and enhance your digestion as well. For adding sharper flavors, adding mint can also stimulate the digestive enzymes and soothe you from within. Cucumbers are also rich in Vitamin A, C, and B that could transfer essential electrolytes to your body.

Wrapping Up

The positive effects of drinking cold water are countless! Drinking this type of water can hydrate you and also assist in weight loss. It boosts the metabolism rate and fastens the process of calorie burn. However, you should avoid consuming it when suffering from flu, cough, or cold. Several health practitioners also advise patients to avoid drinking cold water right after taking the meals. Allow your body to begin its natural digestion process and then pour in some cold water to increase metabolism. Also, learn about the side effects of jeera water if drank without proper guidance.

All these factors are in a way relevant to the enhanced performance and benefits of drinking cold water. Even while performing exercises, grab your bottle of ice-cold water and make it your habit henceforth. No more worrying about the adverse effects of cold water as there’s enough evidence of its advantages on your physical and mental health. Your ultimate goal must be to keep yourself hydrated and avoid entering the debate of hot water or cold water. Anything in excess is harmful, and drinking cold water is advisable only if your body permits for the same.

Another option is to keep it at a usual body temperature and then drink it to maintain a proper digestive process. Drink plenty of water without bothering about hot or cold to maintain good digestion and even prevent constipation issues. Avoid it when you are sweating more as your body temperature is then high, and ice-cold water can cause stomach ache. Besides, you can drink a cold glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy a healthy life simultaneously!

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