Interesting Benefits of Drinking Methi Water!

Friday November 12, 2021 at 11:12 am

Commonly referred to as Fenugreek in English and methi in Hindi, it’s a highly beneficial multi-purpose herb with small white flowers and green leaves. The small flowers also have tiny seed pods that are yellowish-brown in colors and have a very pungent or hard smell. It is also a bit bitter in taste.

In most Indian kitchens, you can find methi seeds used for a wide variety of cuisines. Fenugreek is quite effective for several culinary purposes, and you can derive further benefits by soaking them overnight and drinking them in the form of water.

Fenugreek seeds are also packed with a wide range of beauty and health-related advantages. You can notice them in most Indian Curries, Egyptian Cuisines, and Persian or Turkish delicacies. Before sneaking out on the benefits of methi water, it is vital to know about the nutritional content of the methi dana.

Methi seeds have ample fibers, vitamins, and minerals that help in giving good health. A single tablespoon of methi seeds also has 35 calories and multiple nutrients like fats, magnesium, carbs, proteins, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Manganese, thiamine, Vitamin C, niacin, and riboflavin.

What is the Best Way to Drink Methi Water?

Unsure about drinking fenugreek water in the best form? There are several ways to intake this superb seed stated down below.

  • Soak the methi seeds overnight and then strain out the water in the morning. Drink a cup of methi water on an empty stomach for best results.
  • Sprout out the fenugreek seeds and consume them in the form of tasteful salads.
  • Dry the methi seeds and grind them perfectly to form a powder.
  • Sprout out the seeds and add them as a dressing on the salads.
  • Dry it, roast, and then grind into a fine powder.

Although there are many ways of incorporating the fenugreek seeds into your diet, the best way is to infuse them in the form of a drink. Soaking the seeds and drinking their strained water is the best option you can go for. Also, check out the benefits of drinking cold water in detail here!

How Can Methi Water Enhance Your Health and Beauty?

Fenugreek water has been usable for a large number of medicinal purposes from ancient times. It can add exciting flavors to your food as well as help in relieving different types of ailments. Here are a few other advantages of fenugreek water that you can get:

  1. Gives Healthy Hair- Facing hair problems such as dry hair, hair fall, and dandruff is pretty common. Have you also given a try to multiple shampoos and medications but still failed? If yes, it’s time to turn towards some natural therapies. Methi water has some amount of nicotinic acid and proteins, which help strengthen your hair from the roots and reconstruct the damaged follicles of hair. Besides, it also has a specific amount of lecithin, a slippery substance adding shine to your hair for best results. To add a unique shine to your hair, use the paste of fenugreek seeds and allow it to rest for 30 minutes. Say bye to all types of hair-related problems.
  2. Avail radiant skin- Acne is again a common issue prevalent amongst teenagers. If it triggers you, the skin appears very unhealthy and damaged. Methi water consists of Diosgenin that has several anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It helps fight your skin against acne, dark spots, infections, and wrinkles on the skin. Regular consumption of methi water can exfoliate your skin and clean away all the problems related to dark circles or spots.
  3. Aids in Weight loss- Methi water is also provenly effective in boosting your metabolism and accelerating the weight reduction process. Due to the natural fibers in it, your calorie count can reduce and helps in suppressing the appetite. Drinking this water gives a feeling of fullness to your stomach and restricts you from overeating habits.
  4. Regulating blood sugar levels- Fenugreek water is also an impeccable option for managing diabetes issues. This can surge insulin sensitivity and result in reduced blood sugar levels. There are numerous ways to have fenugreek water, like with a snack or on an empty stomach.
  5. Promotes better digestion- If you are undergoing crucial issues like bowel movement or hyper-acidity problems, methi water can work magic for them. Its intake can cut down acidity problems and even digestive issues. For attaining maximum advantage, drink a glass of fenugreek water daily and throw away all types of toxins out of the body.
  6. Helps in increasing breastmilk for lactating mothers- Intake of methi water is also related to the increased milk production levels in mothers. Due to the phytoestrogen content, milk production in mothers increases, and even the quality gets improved. As a result, infants can get better milk and gain goo weight during their initial months.
  7. Lessen down menstrual cramps- Methi water also includes many anti-inflammatory properties that can cut down the occurrence of menstrual cramps and other relevant issues. Many researchers acclaim that fenugreek has alkaloids that reduce pain and cramps in women. It also helps in soothing other prevalent problems like nausea, fatigue, and many others.
  8. Manages Cholesterol levels- Fenugreek water consists of several flavonoids that help lower the LDL or bad cholesterol in bodies. Soaked seeds water can reduce cholesterol and work on bad fats. Starting a day with this water can solve all your health-related problems immediately.
  9. Works on acidity- If acidity is a recurring problem, start drinking a glass of methi water every day. You need to identify the symptoms like heartburn or congestion in the throat. Drinking fenugreek water relieves all types of acidity issues completely.
  10. Works on Diabetes- Many people are facing Diabetes due to a faulty lifestyle, and as a result, insulin levels rise. With fenugreek water, the digestion level in diabetic patients accelerates, and you can notice excellent outcomes shortly.

From working as an antacid to managing diabetes, here are the benefits of including soaked fenugreek water in your diet.

Final Words

Whether it’s for the well-being of skin, hair, or overall health, fenugreek or methi water will provide incredible advantages. Drinking the soaked seeds water can alleviate digestion, foster a better metabolism rate and eliminate all the dark circles or spots on the skin. Incorporate it into your regular diet and start giving yourself a perfect health retreat.

As it is hot, you can get numerous benefits with its intake. However, check for allergies or any other adverse effects of methi water on your health. If you doubt, consult with an expert and then head up for a glass of healthy fenugreek water!

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