What are the Side Effects of Drinking Jeera Water?

Sunday November 7, 2021 at 12:38 pm

Jeera, also known as cumin in English, is a regal Indian spice enhancing the flavors and aroma of delicacies for decades. How often have you heard of its medicinal properties? Jeera water has been a common remedy for effective weight loss for a long time. Its intake can give you a unique punch in the mouth and leave you craving more with its aromatic tang and a subtle heat inside. Is drinking jeera water beneficial for your health? Or can it induce some sort of side effects too? Let’s check out the actual facts related to it.

Cumin or jeera holds a revitalizing and rusty flavor that satiates your tongue right away. When you soak it in water, the effect of the same increases all the more. Jeera water consists of thymol, a particular chemical that stimulates your pancreas to produce bile and enzymes. It has unique properties that help in the overall improvement of digestion along with fats and carbs in the body. Another digestive enzyme in it surges up the salivation impulse. Let’s lean out on the other standard benefits of jeera water before proceeding to its risks and side effects.

Unknown Side Effects of the Jeera Water

There is hardly any Indian kitchen where you won’t find the use of jeera for enhancing taste and solving weight issues. But do you know that jeera water has some surprising side effects too? Time to know about them in detail.

In Pregnancy

Jeera water intake needs to be monitored during pregnancy. High consumption of this water might induce early contractions and even lead to miscarriage. It is also associated with the inducement that occurs during labor for women.

Abnormal Bleeding

Next in the jeera water, side effects are clotting or irregular bleeding in the body. Its excessive consumption can decrease blood clotting and lead to bleeding problems.


Excessive jeera water intake is also linked to the occurrence of diabetes in people. If you already have diabetes, keep track of jeera water intake in your body. It can lower the level of blood sugars that could result in a situation such as hypoglycemia.

After surgeries

Jeera water is known to deduct blood sugar levels for a long time. Hence, it might prove harmful if you are undergoing any major surgeries. And it mainly includes the C-section delivery.

Heart Burn

Another side effects of Jeera water is the occurrence of heartburn after its excessive use. Many people drink this water multiple times to get relief from heartburn, which later results in acidity and other similar issues.

Heavy Bleeding

Jeera water in excess quantity is also associated with heavy bleeding during your menses. Hence, it is imperative to control consumption to avoid serious menstruation issues.

Liver Damage

Jeera water side effects also extend to your liver when intake surges up. If you have it in higher amounts, there can be adverse effects on both the kidney and liver. Avoid drinking more than one glass of jeera water per day for the best results.

Strict no to Lactating Mothers

Even after childbirth, excess jeera water might turn harmful. Lactating mothers must restrict their consumption, or it might hamper their milk production. This can eventually lead to some serious conditions as well.


Prominent side effects of jeera water also include the belching issues. Intake of a higher amount of jeera water can create adverse conditions like bad odor and burps. It might happen due to the excessive gas formed due to the intake of more jeera water.

Apart from the ones stated above, there is also a much longer list of jeera water and its side effects on your body. Facing allergies, narcotic effects, and drug reactions are the common ones amongst them. By managing the intake of jeera water, you can prevent several issues that are related to the efficacy of digestive systems. People who are allergic to jeera or cumin also must consult their physician before adding more of it into their dietary regime.

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Advantages of Jeera Water

Jeera water is a wonderful ingredient that comes with a comprehensive list of positive effects listed below.

Jeera water aids in digestion

There are numerous anti-gas chemicals in this ingredient that impart protection against flatulence and irritable bowel issues. It comes as the first remedy in your mind while looking for a solution against burps, hot flashes, or belching.


Due to the thymoquinone content in this water, you can ensure complete liver protection. It is a powerful chemical extracted from compounds that aids in better digestion.

Anti-Cancer properties

Though it does not claim to cure cancer, it can aid in the prevention of free radicals that could damage the scavenging abilities. Your body prevails better detoxification and a higher number of digestive enzymes in it.


Cumin water, a few drops of honey, and some black pepper can work as an aphrodisiac tonic. It serves a tangy kick for your taste buds.

Controls obesity

A cumulative study on more than 78% of obese participants suggests that jeera water can significantly reduce fat proportion, enhance insulin levels, and cut down belly fat.

The Bottom Line

Cumin or Jeera water is a bundle of goodness if you drink it mindfully and in the right proportions. However, the same can have adverse effects and turn poisonous if you are unable to maintain its moderation. The majority of the people do not show any prevalent complaint about the intake of jeera water or its side effects. But as there are exceptions in all cases, it is quite possible that it might not be a suitable choice for you. Go for the right way to infuse jeera in your diet for gaining optimum benefits.

Being time-tested for decades, its significance of taste and value it adds to the foods is impeccable. But the refreshing tang needs to be balanced with the active lifestyle for getting the best results out of it. Continue with its safe intake and retain a large number of health benefits for yourself. And yes, there is no relevance of its side effects to the time when you intake it. Sip it at any given time of day and make a note of any substantial side effects linked to it!

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