Is There any Side-Effect of Applying Tomato on Face?

Monday October 18, 2021 at 12:30 pm

Is it right to use tomato on the face? What could be the potential disadvantage of the same? Tomato application can work as a natural remedy for people having multiple concerns. Rubbing tomato on the skin is an excellent natural remedy that could help deal with all types of skin-related issues.

It includes vitamin C and antioxidants that can enhance your immunity system and work as Vitamin A, Potassium, and magnesium powerhouse. There are mixed reactions to the benefits and disadvantages of tomatoes on the skin. Let’s know about the side effects of applying tomato on the face and its intake can lead to.

Side-Effects of Using Tomatoes on Skin

Tomatoes are full of good health and have many health benefits that provide you after properly applying them. However, there is no standardization when it comes to the potential advantages. Many people might also face the side-effects due to its wrong or excessive use. However, there are some appropriate remedies, but even they are also not for everyone.

Side Effects of Applying Tomato on Face are:

They are naturally acidic-

If you pose any sensitivity to the natural acids, then the application of tomatoes on the skin could lead to reactions. Applying any tomato juice on your skin can lead to problems such as itching, redness, rashes, and other types of irritation. Before using this type of juice, you need to apply it to a small patch of skin and test if it works fine. Post this; you need to evaluate the skin for a reaction. Instead, the better option is to consume it directly.

Irritation due to Rashes-

Tomatoes might appeal tasty to your tongue but would not necessarily appear tempting on skin. Many people might not find tomatoes suitable for their skin due to the higher acid amount in them. It’s harmful and can induce rashes or irritation with the application of tomato on the skin. If the skin faces irritation problems, avoid its usage, or it might result in minor wounds.

Stings, burns, and peels-

Another side effect of tomato application on the skin also includes peeling of skin, redness, stings, or burning sensation. Tomatoes don’t work well for the reactive skin of people. Utilizing it can result in further trouble for people unaware of skin concerns and issues.

Itchiness of skin-

Applying tomatoes on the skin might also have another side effect like skin itchiness in people. It has numerous irritating properties of tomato acidity along with the high-end exfoliating power of the tomato paste. Any skin that is prone to dryness must not infuse the use of tomato paste in any manner.

Is There Any Other Natural Skincare Option for Tomato Application?

Taking care of skin with the help of natural products is always a good option. The application of tomatoes on the face is not the ideal thing for everything. In few cases, it might even worsen the scenario. In place of tomatoes, you can opt for other ingredients that can impart similar results and even cause lesser irritation.

Lemons can be a good cleansing agent for your skin nourishment and moisturization. Applying lemon juice can also help in skin detoxification and give you healthy skin. Another alternative to using tomato on the skin is milk. With the help of milk, your skin can get moisturized and adds glow to the face.

Potential Benefits of Tomato for Skin

Some experts claim that tomatoes are full of excellent benefits that could help manage multiple skin concerns like the aging signs or the uneven skin tone. Here is an exaggerated list of many additional benefits that tomatoes can impart to your skincare routine.

May protect against skin cancer-

Exposure to the sun can result in various skin cancer issues like the non-melanoma consisting of squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Tomatoes also have lycopene which is a carotenoid in several fruits. It can provide effective protection against cancer issues. However, some studies also suggest that tomatoes might lead to cancer development in humans as well.

Might reduce the sunburns-

Do not mistake the rubbing of tomatoes as a substitute for the sunscreens. Tomatoes have lycopene that might also provide a photo-protective effect. It can also impart protection from sunburn or erythema. The use of tomatoes can reduce sun damages, but they might also prove harsh on your skin.

May help with wound healing-

As per a report, 1 cup of tomatoes comprises 30 grams of Vitamin C. In most skincare products, it is in high quantities and might also accelerate the growth of new tissues. This can also result in repairing wounds and fasten up the healing process.

Might help with skin inflammation-

There are numerous compounds in Tomatoes with anti-inflammatory properties such as beta carotene, Vitamin E, lycopene, and lutein. But it might also cause skin irritation or sunburn in few cases.

Stimulates collagen production-

Tomatoes have multiple properties like boosting your immunity or improving collagen production. Its proper application can also improve skin elasticity and give you a firmer skin tone. However, there is no specific scientific evidence in this context as of now.

May Eliminate dead cells-

Tomatoes constitute enzymes that exfoliate your pores and removes dead skin cells from inside. It can also enhance the skin’s appearance when used as a facial scrub. However, excess use might cause skin injuries or make it thinner than the rest of your body.

Poses anti-aging properties-

B vitamins are quite beneficial for skin health, and they consist of B-1, B-3, B-5, B-6, and B-9. It has anti-aging properties that help in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. This can help in cell repair and also lead to a reduction of hyperpigmentation. However, there is no proper evidence of similar underlying benefits.

Wrapping Up on Side Effects of Applying Tomato On Face

There are multiple side-effects and benefits that go parallel after the use of tomato on the face. After knowing about the tomato benefits, take a patch test to know about its advantages if you decide to apply it. Once you know if the tomato suits you, it is viable to apply it in multiple forms for your skin. It’s better to apply it at night before heading up for bed. This can calm down your skin and prevent irritation.

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