What is Oziva Protein and How It Aids in Fitness?

Monday October 11, 2021 at 12:58 pm

People are gaining more and more awareness about excellent health, fitness, and longevity. An urge to higher fitness levels has also increased the importance of balanced nutrition and good food habits. Especially in Indian women, there is a lot of negligence about the healthy lifestyle. The introduction of Oziva Protein and Herbs for women gives them a new dimension to head for a positive lifestyle.

Following a healthy lifestyle can pave many benefits, and Oziva protein powder can be a stepping stone to it.

What are Oziva Protein and Herbs?

In short, it’s a power pack of multiple nutrients and an incredible protein supplement for women’s health. It comprises various minerals, vitamins, and a fantastic composition of effective Ayurvedic herbs. Another aspect that makes Oziva products trustworthy is they are ISO certified and approved by FSSAi.

The protein powder by Oziva also adheres to the GMP Compliance and consists of superior quality ingredients. It has an impeccable formulation that promises good health and completes your daily protein requirements. This product consists of 28 exclusive minerals and vitamins that impart multiple health benefits to feminine hormones. It also efficiently balances and regulates the women’s metabolism rate as well.

How Does Oziva Protein and Herbs Prove Helpful?

The protein source in Oziva consists of a power booster, Whey protein. In a scoop of 32g powder, you get a 23g of protein which is amazing. Several other properties and benefits make it an apt health supplement to give you dynamic physical health and well-being.

Oziva also pertains to a large number of herbal ingredients reducing its side effects on users. There is in-depth research and study upon the proven benefits of this supplement. Moving to its herbal ingredients, many ayurvedic components are making it worth the intake. Regular and moderate consumption of Oziva protein and herbs can render unbelievable results after a stipulated period.

Herbs Blend in Oziva Protein Powder

There are many beneficial herbs incorporated into the composition of this product. They are as follows:

  1. Shatavari- It is a boon to females by Ayurveda and works as an excellent female tonic to boost overall health and fitness. It has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents anti-aging as well as increases the life span. The inclusion of ‘Shatavari’ in Oziva makes it a perfect choice for stepping towards good health.
  2. Flax Seeds- These are the magical seeds that lead to innumerable benefits for its users. As they are a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty acids and soluble fiber, they help reduce stress and are loaded with anti-oxidants.
  3. Tulsi- Also known as Holy Basil, Indian women are already well-equipped with the benefits of this herb. It comes with innumerable benefits and works as a great immunity booster. The healing properties of this herb can also normalize your blood glucose level and blood pressure.
  4. Curcumin- It is an active form of ‘Haldi’ used in most Indian households. The advantages of ‘Curcumin’ include reduction of oxidative stress and prevention of inflammatory conditions. Besides, it also helps in combating muscle soreness and provides relief from arthritis.

Oziva Protein and Herbs- How, When, and Who can use it?

Starting with the amount of Oziva protein you must intake, tentatively, one scoop is sufficient by dissolving it in 200 ml of water. You can blend it and pamper yourself with optimum health benefits. It is preferable to take this drink within 45 minutes of any workout or exercise. Women can also begin their daily breakfast with this drink. It’s a great alternative to replace all types of unhealthy snacks.

Developed and formulated by a team of certified nutritionists, this protein formula can work wonders for your age. It is highly beneficial for everyone. With a single serving of Oziva protein, you can fetch enough carbs and kcal for energy.

Women in the age bracket of 16-60 years old can switch to this protein intake. Adding it to the smoothie or a fruit shake can further enhance its benefits. You can avail the Oziva protein powder in multiple flavors like the café mocha, vanilla, or chocolate flavor.

Top Benefits of Oziva Protein and Herbs

Oziva is a rich supplement and an efficient protein booster for users who want to maintain a healthy and toned body. Whether you are skinny or fat, this herb can indeed offer you the required nutrition for overall good health. Let’s ponder over the other benefits of this product.

  • Oziva consists of Glutamic acid and BCAAs. This type of Amino acids aid in muscle building and ensure better recovery for those involved in exercising regime.
  • According to the doctor’s prescription, it is infused with a wonderful blend of vitamins; it also comes under a suitable multivitamin.
  • It also consists of additional vitamins like Vitamin C, B12, D, A, and B. All of them can play a significant role in managing the bodily deficiency or the malfunctioning. Proper intake of these vitamins helps in promoting a better immune system, hair, skin, vision, healthy bones, and appropriate functioning of kidneys, heart, and the reproductive system.
  • Oziva is an excellent source of Fibers and Omega 3 that lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disorders. You can also expect better skin health and higher immunity along with a rapid metabolism rate.
  • A healthy reproductive system is essential for every woman, and oziva protein helps manage stress and age issues.

In all, Oziva protein and herbs account for a perfect source of Whey Protein along with multiple benefits of Ayurveda.

Winding up

Oziva protein and herbs are an excellent addition to your list of energy drinks for a mega boost in overall body health. Due to the amalgamation of Ayurvedic ingredients, it is free from Side effects, and you can add it to your diet as per specific requirements. Few people having a sensitive stomach might face some constipation, but the ratio is negligible. You can determine the taste as per your choice and delight yourself with a glass of health and flavor together!

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Is there any alternative to Oziva Protein and Herbs?

Using Oziva is a personal choice, and the health benefits you can prevail out of it are excellent. However, you can also replace it from a good quality Whey protein powder recommended by any nutritionist. It can impart you a suitable amount of proteins without herbs that are an addition to Oziva. Overall, you can search for other effective and affordable protein alternatives in India without negotiating their taste.

Do Women Really Need Protein Powder?

Yes, most Indian women are unable to cope with their daily protein requirement through the diet. Hence, they should get a protein supplement so that good health and overall fitness stay assured. The fast-paced life further emphasizes on intake of protein supplements to ensure better health on the whole.

Can I Start using the Oziva Protein and Herbs?

It depends on your bodily needs. Protein is an essential ingredient for lustrous hair, glowing skin, and overall health. It can be a great addition, provided you take into account your overall nutritional intake.

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