Fundamental Differences Between Generic and Ethical Medicine for PCD Business!

Monday October 11, 2021 at 10:03 am

Are you interested in trying hands-on Pharma business? If yes, there are a few basic aspects to keep in mind. It is important to differentiate between PCD, Generic, and Ethical medicines. Here is a detailed differentiation between generic and ethical medicine below.

Generic sector

It is again a significant segment of the Indian Pharma sector. Parent companies directly sell generic drugs to the end retailers. Distribution channels play an essential part in facilitating sales. There are designated sales representatives for this purpose.

Generic drugs utilize a similar administration route as well as display the brand name of products. Also, they have the same quality and performance levels. The only difference between generic and regular medicines is that they are easy on pockets. The cost-effectiveness of these drugs makes them accessible in economically weaker zones. In a way, they potentially help in maintaining the health conditions of several poor people.

Although a branded and generic drug’s API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) is usually the same, the only distinguishing feature is its manufacturing and creation process. Outside cover and packaging might be different. As per the recent Pharma news, Generic business has ample opportunities in the Indian Pharma sector. Especially the segment that can’t afford costly medicines can reap enormous advantages with such retail options.

How Does Generic and Brand-NameDrugs Vary?

The difference is easily noticeable with a glance at the pills from the generic sector to those under the brand-name drugs. Price is the most important factor as brand-name products are costlier than generic ones. Although there is no difference between inactive ingredients or the quality standards, brand-name drugs are pricey.

According to the U.S. (FDA) Food and Drug Administration, there is no quality difference between generic and ethical medicines. FDA asks all drug manufacturers to retain rigorous quality standards for the quality, identity, strength, and potency of the medicines.

The only distinction between generic and brand-name prescription drugs is that of cost. Generic medicines capture the low-cost market where consumers look for affordable healthcare. In the last decade, generics have helped Americans save around $2.2 trillion of costs on medications.

Generic drugs do not have a specific brand but work similarly to the listed drugs in administration, dose, and performance. Even its composition remains precisely in proportion to the brand-name medicines.

For instance, the generic drug Metformin is sold in the market under the brand-name Glucophage. Both medicines are equivalent in terms of composition, while the only difference is brand name and cost.

Ethical Pharma Sector

Ethical Pharma is the conventional and most popular part of the Pharma industry. Here, all kinds of medicinal drugs spread through medical representatives.

Ethical PCD business directly deals with doctors and aims to explain the effectiveness and pros of the newly launched medicine or product. After all, the sales professionals are the ones who market and sell the products to end consumers. Their selling potential decides the success of any pharma industry.

What Does Ethical Medicines Mean?

Ethical medicines are the ones that get typed for a specific clinical situation backed by evidence, reasoning, and legit principles. Medical ethics get stringently followed to provide ethical medicines to the consumers.

It’s a prescription drug that patients can get only after the legit doctor’s prescription. Unless they show such prescription to the pharmacist, the medicines cannot be purchased.

For example, Alprazolam is an ethical drug that is available only based on doctor prescriptions. Its purchase is not possible without a proper prescription. These drugs vary from cough suppressants or the non-prescription-based OTC medicines.

Differences Between PCD, Generic and Ethical Sector!

It is the most compact form of the Pharma industry. PCD business deals with the use of marketing and distribution rights for products by the Parent Pharma company. Any qualified individual or group can buy a PCD franchise. Reasons to engage in this kind of business limit to a specific area. It is a quite profitable business venture.

The fact is it requires a very minimal investment, whereas the profit margin received is high. As a result, many people from this field consider it as a suitable business alternative. Under the PCD model, the entrepreneur needs to purchase franchise rights of a Pharma company and start selling its products. They usually reach out to physicians and doctors for the promotion of company products.

Distribution of products is best possible through this channel as doctors are the ultimate source of medicine promotions. Above all, there are no excessive costs included making it a perfect option for small capitalists.

Ethical Pharma is a straightforward concept as it has no middlemen involved in it. There are company representatives who purely promote the product in the potential market. Any indirect exchange is not a part of the Ethical PCD business. Medical Darpan Pharma news suggested this type of activity as the most genuine one.

As per the recent Pharma news, Generic business has ample opportunities in the Indian Pharma sector. Especially the segment that can’t afford costly medicines can reap enormous advantages with such retail options.

Bottom Line

PCD, Generic, and Ethical Pharma are all three slightly different kinds of business practices. However, the common thing is that they all belong to the Pharma family and have distinct distribution channels. The application of correct marketing strategies and campaigns in any segment would indeed offer fruitful outcomes.

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Are Generic Medicines less effective in nature?

No. There is no difference in results of the medicines under the generic category compared to the branded ones. FDA certifies that generic drugs can work as a suitable substitute for brand-name medicines.

What are the negative sides of generic drugs?

There is a common perception that generic drugs are low quality, and you might need to take a higher dose. Lack of uniformity is the primary concern as the size or color of pills tends to change with the change in supplier of such drugs.

Why do doctors refrain from prescribing generic medicines?

The main reason doctors are not confident with the unbranded drugs is due to no certainty of their quality. Another concern is the high-speed promotion of such medicines through the pharma companies that surges up the issue.

Are generic drugs used by hospitals?

Multiple generic medicines are accessible today, but the hospital cannot use them for patients only after proper evaluation of the same. Not every generic drug approved by FDA is usable through the hospitals.

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