Complete Guide on Developing a Career in Pharma Industry as a Doctor!

Sunday September 26, 2021 at 1:22 pm

This comprehensive guide can help you understand the prospect of a doctor’s career in the Pharma industry and how it can be useful for developing a career. Below you can find several insider tips so that someone can move along with the transition appropriately. Here is an extensive and detailed guide on how to develop a career in the Pharma sector. Below are the tips and tricks that can help you establish a strong position and job profile in the Pharmaceutical industry.

What is the Scope in Pharmaceutical Sciences?

The Pharma sector is at a high pace and is imparting multiple career options to students here. Various options to choose from include Diploma Programmes, Masters Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and the doctoral level courses with the relevance of Pharma Sciences.

The dynamics of Pharmaceutical sciences are increasing in distinct fields. Pharmacy Council of India offers approval to multiple universities for running programs in the Pharmacy domain. It sticks to the standards, norms, and guidelines for seeking approval through the Pharmacy Council of India.

You can also check out our guide on Career as Pharmacist and also know the whereabouts of it.

Qualifications and Eligibility Criteria for Developing Career in Pharma Industry

The gloomy scenario that is taking over the world is prevalent, and the Pharmaceutical industry of India is finding ways to upscale this Indian diagnostic industry. Students can seek a career path in the pharma world after the admission process for distinct pharmacy programs. It also consists of the written test and the National level entrance test to get admission in masters-level pharmacy programs. You need to clear GPAT (Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test) for this. It is organized under the National Testing Agency (NTA) to qualify students for the M. Pharma Programs.

There are many areas where students can avail further qualifications, such as Pharmaceutics, Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology. They can also go for computer applications in pharmacy, pharmaceutical organic chemistry, Environmental Science and Physical Pharmaceutics.

There are several careers that you can explore after meeting this qualification eligibility. It includes Hospital Manager, Food and Drug Administrator, Drug Dispenser, Research Manager, Chemical Analyst, Drug Therapist, Medical Transcriptionist, Customs Officer, and many more.

What are the career options for a doctor in the Pharma sector?

Doctors play a significant role in various operations in the pharma industry. Few of the below-mentioned paths might also need a Ph.D. Qualification as well. Here are the career prospects to explore:

Forensic Scientist

It includes medical research for the investigation of accidents and other crime incidents. This is a crucial role that only a certified and qualified doctor can perform.

Pharma Companies

Science graduates can also work in pharmaceutical companies that provide multiple career paths. Students can explore many career options for working with global entities.

Regulatory Affairs

Doctors and pharma graduates can also participate in the regulatory affairs with companies that produce pharma-based products. They keep an eye on the changing regulations in the pharma world.

Marketing and Sales

The complex pharma products need a sales representative who can explain the science related to the products. Pharma graduates can participate in this sector.

Product Formulator or Developer

Scientists and doctors can help product development for industries like pharmaceutical science, biotechnology, and food. It needs deep research to develop products and come up with drug formulations that only specialists can do.

Medicinal Chemist

Another career that you can explore is that of a medicinal chemist. It refers to the development and sale of products that have multiple therapeutic compounds.

Patent Attorney

Individuals with a Pharmaceutical background can also research and develop discoveries for commercial use. The patent attorney works at the specialist consultancy to advise clients for various specializations.

Protective coating and paints

It includes the graduates who find roles for developing compounds that come in direct contact with individuals like pigments, paints, and coatings.

Quality assurance

It is vital to quality check the products designed specifically for human consumption. Pharma experts also work as quality assurance officers who take stringent checks on pharma-based products.

Quality control chemist

These are two co-related roles that a doctor can perform. It comes with activities designed for the evaluation and development of products.

Apart from these aforementioned career options, there is also a specialized training zone related to pharmaceutical medicine, which is still unknown to most doctors and physicians. Many Pharma-related portals offer you career options for doctors through their site. It also involves completing complete training and focusing on every bit about Pharmaceutical medicine and being a specialist. Doctors can also take some training in this sector and get a diploma for the Pharmaceutical medicine faculty.

If you have an appropriate qualification for working as a doctor or physician in Pharma Industries, there might be several roles available for you. Few companies also offer you in-depth training and in-house experience related to the pharma industry’s various works. However, before making an application, you also need to check out the detailed requirements and confirm the right candidate’s negotiation. The monetary gains which you can get by creating a career in this sector are also worth noticing!

What are the types of working places for doctors in Pharma industries?

Doctors with some specialization in Pharmaceuticals would mostly work outside the NHS. But they will closely scrutinize and analyze the NHS as an essential part of their daily job roles.

Then there are Big Pharma and Small Pharma companies for further diversification in this industry. The term ‘Big Pharma’ refers to the companies that significantly influence medicine all over. Simultaneously, the ‘Small Pharma’ companies focus mainly on therapeutic areas or the niche markets. Depending on the type of products the company portrays and sells, the companies share roles in various specializing areas. Let’s ponder over the detailed jobs for doctors in the pharma industries.

However, every industry and company in the pharma sector follows a specific ethos and concentrates on particular requirements. You should, however, not refrain from raising inquiries, research, and making contacts. All this can help you seek golden job opportunities so that you seek the dream job you desire! Below are the facts and details that could help you complete the recruitment process and hold a desirable place in the industry.

Why are Pharma industries a good career alternative for doctors?

Doctors have very high excellence and the aptitude for:

  1. Consistent learning
  2. Academic Achievement
  3. Improving healthcare and managing patients
  4. Management of complex issues
  5. High standards of ethics and integrity
  6. Works with people from several professional and personal backgrounds

And all these factors play a valuable part in the Pharma industries, and having excellent communication skills can be an add-on. It is crucial to interact with several government departments, regulatory bodies, and clinics or hospitals.

What is the work role of a doctor in the pharma industries?

Firstly, you need to have a keen interest in pharmaceuticals. The pharma career is for the doctor of healthcare professionals who have an eye for commercial or business endeavors. They also need to be flexible with their approach and stay analytically correct to solve trivial problems and situations.

Are you a trained professional in clinical practices? Well, the pharma world is here to welcome you with an open heart and give you an idea of how to start.

Can I boost up the chance to developing a successful career in Pharma as a doctor?

There are various means to search for recruiters who can check out your CV, past experiences and create a unique profile for your work purposes. Connecting with the pharma industries’ sales representatives and marketing management can also help in achieving new growth horizons. You can also search for a mentor who can assist you with career-changing endeavors.

But you need to start with fresh research of websites and Pharmaceutical companies that are leading in the market and have a competitive edge. This can also accelerate your possibility of grabbing some lucrative projects and fetching the dream job role for yourself. After all, you need to understand your skills, passions and then select the best job roles that fit your criteria. Look out for the research areas that are relatively newer but excel in terms of growth and future opportunities.

What not to do for developing a career in the Pharma industry?

Paper CV and resume are now outdated as you need to create an online profile that makes you look exemplary compared to others. This can help you shine out amongst several other profiles.

Going out of the clinical medicine field might give rise to doubts and concerns. But do not accept perceptions on an alternative career in Pharma industries as people’s opinions should not govern your choices. Undergo stringent research work and make an informed decision on what type of job you consider apt for yourself.

Never give up if you are not very good at the start. Working in the Pharma industry can be a huge step, but you need to follow your passion without thinking much about others’ opinions. Being a part of the clinical expertise, you have your own set of negative or positive experiences governing any role. You have to learn from them and take the next step.

How can I analyze the right role search for my career?

Initially, doctors might find it tricky to enter Pharma Industries, but with specialist doctors and experienced professionals’ guidance, you can make the right choices. They can guide you on suitable roles for the profession not to waste time in preliminary trials.

How does the recruitment process in the pharma industry takes place?

For the entrants in the Pharma sector, recruiters need to pertain specialization to derive their dream jobs. They look out for candidates who have exciting profiles and have specific skills that make them apt for the role. However, you must not push yourself if you are unclear about the requirements of the recruiters. Try your old links, which can help develop direct contact with the pharmaceutical or medical device companies. They have various advertised roles and can give you good job options for an instant career hike.

If you have a few years of experience in the pharma world, there is no need to undervalue your skills or yourself. Medical writers are also in great demand to give explanatory information about the latest Pharma products. They can also provide training programs to various doctors for developing a better level of knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical and treatment options.

Even the pharma portals need medical writers who can work on the latest press releases or books that inform the healthcare and pharma industry about every small piece of information. If you have polished writing skills and complete knowledge of various aspects of medicine, seeking medical writing is also the right choice!

What is the role of Pharma industries in Developing Career?

The health of the entire country is highly dependent on the progression and growth in the Pharma sector. Medical devices and pharmaceuticals play a significant role in disease treatment and giving you a healthy lifestyle. But what are the career prospects for a doctor in Pharma? With some useful tips and detailed information, you can develop a career in the Pharma industry.

Pharma or Pharmaceutical industry has a very vast scope of operations as it has deep integration in the marketing, research, development, and distribution of drugs. In every context of healthcare, Pharma plays a primary role. So, if you desire and vision a successful career prospect in this field, there is a lot you need to understand about it.

Wrapping up

By now, you must be well-informed about the career prospects that doctors have in Pharma Industries. You need to follow some basic research and identify the ideal job role which suits you. For the explorers of new avenues, the Pharma sector has a bucket of opportunities to choose from. You can associate with the more recent projects and develop an ideal career base for your success and growth. So, await the top possibilities in ensuring a huge career hype as a doctor.

Interacting with various people from various Pharma-related backgrounds can help secure a good position in this area. If you have a detailed knowledge of drug types and their usage, even then, this field is a suitable option for you. Your excellence in medicine is of very high value here. So, ponder over the above factors and tips to derive the best position as a doctor in the ever-booming and sky height touching Pharma sector!

Developing Career in Pharma Industry FAQs

  1. Is it a good idea to make a career in the pharma industry?
  2. The Pharmaceutical sector is establishing growth at a great rate, and they are investing more amounts into research than other industries.
  3. Which is the highest pay job in the Pharma sector?
  4. The highest income can get generated in the pharma sector through the pharmacy store. Pharmacists earn the most elevated amounts following the food and beverage outlets.
  5. What is the best career in pharmacy?
  6. Some of the lucrative career prospects in pharmacy include Locum pharmacist, military pharmacist, mental health pharmacist, paid educator, and drug safety officer.
  7. Which is the best country for pharma jobs?
  8. The United States and India hold top global ranks for the Pharma jobs, followed by nations like Germany, France, and Singapore.
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