Opportunities’ and Benefits of PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) business!

Sunday June 28, 2020 at 9:03 am

What is PCD business? Well, many people are confused about their working, opportunities, and advantages. Here is a short article on the operation of this business and how it can lead to successful ventures.

India has an excellent prospect for PCD business. It is also quite evidently mentioned in Medical Darpan, a leading Pharma house. PCD business has tremendous opportunities as the risk factor is deficient here. It is one of the most risk-free ventures in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. It might be the reason for its rapid expansion these days. 

What does it mean?

PCD business is an excellent opportunity for companies with a lower investment budget. It offers a unique business prospect and excellent growth opportunities to the franchiser or distributor. 

You can start up a PCD business as a sole proprietor or a partnership venture. Such type of business is engaged in the management of products, launching new offers, work on brand names, and dedicate promotional material and POS (Point of Sale) material. It is a small model of the original Pharma Company. Acting as a channel in the entire supply chain, it works within a specific dedicated geographical area or location. Here are a few more highlighted facts about these companies. 

Role of a PCD business

  • It offers you an entire range of products.
  • Set up new segments as per the market requirements.
  • Offer all products and services to other franchises at excellent rates.
  • Offer information about the products and their USPs.
  • Try to create exciting product packages.
  • Display the entire brand range to customers. 

Advantages of PCD business 

  • It offers various products on its monopoly.
  • Gives generic names to the products and share essential information on it. 
  • Dedicate a specific geographic location to each area so that others do not get into it. 
  • Infiltration charges are zero.
  • They offer all kinds of financial extensions.
  • PCD business helps pharma companies to expand deeply into the market with dedicated funds.
  • Lesser investment risk and higher chances of immense profit generation make it a profitable option.
  • It results in a reduction in the manufacturing costs, which otherwise stays on the higher side. 

Opportunity to PCD business by Pharma Company

  1. The company offers a lucrative range of entire products.
  2. You can buy several products at excellent rates.
  3. An entire investment plan generates the functioning of a distribution business. 
  4. Online, as well as offline training, ensures the elimination of all field related queries. 
  5. Complete information about global businesses helps in better functioning.
  6. Pharma company readily shares its brand image and name in the market. 
  7. The design of the business ensures hassle-free operations.
  8. The company provides a working bag with its promotion and a specific folder explaining all its products. 
  9. After getting success in one venture, you can also extend it with added man force to it. 

PCD business is a smaller version of Pharma company operations. It works very well as a network in the pharmaceutical sector. With high profitability and growth rate, such businesses flourish and enhance. The parent Pharma company guides it, and this is the reason why very few or no risks related to it.


Medical Darpan and  Pharma News highlight the growth and networking of such businesses. If you are a hard worker, this can be an excellent opportunity to achieve your success goals. There are no specific working hours or limit. You can extend as much as you wish to. It offers you a platform to go out of the way and earn more. If you have even minimal exposure to the pharma sector, trying a hand on PCD is an excellent move to make

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