Metal Detector: Its Types and Uses in the Pharma Industry

Thursday March 25, 2021 at 1:23 pm

If we look in the practical field, there are various devices available to find hidden metals. Metal detector is one of the best devices designed to find multiple types of metals in the sand, underwater, underground, or any substance even in the human body. This device is effective in creating an average coverage of magnetic field around conductive material.

Engineers and experts create its design to provide you a detector with an excellent electromagnetic sign. Most sensors come with an oscillator, which helps alter current, which passes through the coils to create a magnetic field and estimate the conductive metal’s existence in the magnetic field. Moreover, this device comes with an inductive sensor that gives an audio and visual alert if any metal material is found in the magnetic field of 10 inches. It is an easy way to use and detect metals with a magnetometer in a simple way.

This metal detector is handy in various fields like finding different archaeological objects and geophysical prospecting. It is also used in security screening at prisons, airports, and courts, used as a hobby, used by most of the civil engineers, and in various industries to find metals. These metal detectors are also used to detect steel bars in pipes, wires, and concrete walls. This metal detector is really of many uses to various sectors.

Moreover, this metal detector comes in different types depending upon the frequency, use, and requirements. Let’s look at these types in deep.

Various types of Metal Detector

The metal detector has many uses in real life to make your life easier in finding various metals. Most metal detectors are categorized in their types depending upon their frequency and uses. Let’s look at all their types;

  • Very Low-Frequency Metal Detector (VLF)

VLF detector is one of the most commonly used metal detectors. VLF detector is made up of two coils, a transmitter one and another, a detector coil. Both have their functions. The transmitter coil helps you create a magnetic field, and the detector enables you to sense and alarm any conductive metal found in the field created.

However, the frequency created in this is low, but it is best if you are looking to find direct metals, like relics, coins, jewellery, and other small metal products.  Moreover, this product is durable and easy to use with almost no weight, but it is not comfortable for underwater metal detecting.

  • Pulse Induction Detectors (PI)

PI metal detectors have a single coil only to do both the function of creating a magnetic field and detecting metal. This detector is less affected by the ground’s moralization and is best suitable for finding underwater metallic bodies.

They are better from VLF detector as it does not leave any metal be it iron trash, nails, coins or even gold. It is unlike the VLF detector with only detects purely metal components.  Moreover, if we talk about the expense, it is more expensive but suitable for the extensive detection process. But if you are looking for it personally, you must go for a VLF metal detector.

  • Specialty Detectors

This specialty detector is primarily for a particular function like gold- detector, waterproof detector, multi-frequency detector. It is unlike VLF and PI detectors. It is designed to execute professional tasks.

So, if you are looking for professional detection, you must go for these specialty detectors. It is mainly preferred and used in all the areas.

Metal detector is used in various sectors; pharma industry is one of them having the most requirement of this metal detector to maintain the quality and company reputation.

Metal detector and pharma industry

If we talk about metal detectors in the pharma industry, this object helps various processes and actions. Like it is used to detect the presence of metal in pharmaceutical products and make them metallic-free. It is beneficial to maintain the quality and safety of the product.

However, while making the food, tables, and pharmaceutical products, various metal powders are used to process these medicines and drugs to form a stable antioxidant. During pharmaceutical product processing, multiple compounds are formed of double and triple bonds that need to be hydrogenated. During the hydrogenation process, there are various materials released which contain toxic metallic components. In the synthesis process of separation of present compounds of different metal catalysts, give the final product. There might be a chance that these compounds are not completely separated, leaving an opportunity to question the company, which needs to be processed further before developing into a final product for customers.

Hence, to maintain its reputation, they use a metal detector to check if there is any kind of stainless steel, non-ferrous or ferrous metal present in it. Detection of these components allows the company to provide a safe, reliable, and accurate product leaving no chance of finding any piece or element of metal.

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is much possibility of getting contaminated metallic parts due to their formation, mixing-process, machinery failures, or various equipment. It might be because of the large-scale processing and storage of products in equipment, pipes, pumps, valves, and pipes. When it gets in contact with other metals involves in the process of dehydrogenation and releases platinum, palladium, and different contaminated mixtures of chromium, coppers, and many more metals.

This metal detector helps make final packaged foods and other pharmaceutical products free from metal components as per the GMP standards and various other country-based certifications.

Final words

This electronic instrument helps almost all industries check the presence of metals or any hidden object similar to metal and can be injurious. This metal detector is made with a sensor that, if it comes near to the metal, alarms the operator and indicates them to take a particular action.

This helpful device saves your time and effort to search for hidden metal objects like a needle, pins, and many more. Especially in the food and pharmaceutical products, so that the consumers get a reliable and safe product. These highly depending machines are developed with highly advanced processing based on technology to check the small stuff like food grains, noodles, popcorn, and many more. After examining even, the packaged products in the machinery of metal detectors, it is safe and suitable for checking metallic contamination in any product type.

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