Important facts you must know about the Pfizer COVID vaccine

Saturday December 5, 2020 at 10:42 am

A big buzz went around soon after the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine for dreadful COVID-19 disease! Most of the new reports revealed essential stats and facts about this vaccine as people are awaiting the end of this pandemic era. Although, complete data regarding the vaccination is still not out, there are many anticipations made by the experts. Similarly, even the scientists, doctors, and health care professionals from the medical field are speculating the probabilities of its delivery around the world. 

Sneak peek into Pfizer COVID vaccine!

As per the experts from the medical arena, Pfizer comprises of a genetic material known as mRNA that consists of tiny particles that immerse into the human cells. It triggers the immunity system and creates antibodies that assure complete protection against this dangerous virus. This vital component can prove life-saving for those struggling with the repercussions of this virus. Hopefully, COVID-19 fear might come to an end with the effective and timely distribution of this Pfizer vaccine in various countries. While the entire world is facing the cons of lockdown and infectious COVID spread, this news can give them new hope and a big sigh of relief in this scenario. 

The success and efficacy of any vaccination get evident only after a thorough review of the medical research papers and complete scrutiny on its study and design. Only after going through all aspects of the Pfizer vaccine; one can determine its potential in fighting with the recent Pandemic. 

Let’s ponder over a few facts to know more about it:

  1. For how long can the vaccination give protection to the people?
  2. As per the reports from manufacturers of Pfizer, amongst the 40,000 people who have undergone the trial; only 94 got registered with the COVID disease. This determines its 90% efficacy in dealing with COVID patients. This announcement includes people who reportedly got the vaccination shots between July and October. However, it would be interesting to see when people would require booster doses. It might be a big gamble as it protects patients for around 3 to 6 months while a successful vaccine usually gives a shield for longer than a year. 
  3. Are there any prominent side-effects of the Pfizer vaccine?
  4. There is no official out by the company to the safety norms and guidelines. Also, there is no record of severe side-effects amongst those who got the vaccination within six weeks of its dosage. However, scientists are still eyeing the rare side-effects that might hit few people with a weaker immunity system. Dr. Walt Orenstein, a reputed professor from Emory University, also raised a concern about the ill-effects of the vaccine. 
  5. Can Pfizer impart protection at the vulnerable COVID stage?
  6. Pfizer creators did not disclose the mortality rate or critical hospitalization rate amongst the volunteers who took up this vaccine. Speculations are out that people from the age of 65 or an older one with serious medical history like obesity or diabetes are likely to get affected. 
  7. What about the rolling out of Pfizer vaccine?
  8. Pfizer vaccination requires a supercool atmosphere or dry ice at 100 degrees below zero. Retaining it at the right temperature is very crucial before injecting it to the patients. 

Quick facts on Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19

  • Many medical experts consider it a premature announcement that might hurt the potential of other vaccines in the process. 
  • Public health officials are still scrutinizing the loopholes in Pfizer that might not reveal the desirable results. 
  • After more revelations from BioNTech- Pfizer vaccines, global drugmakers are planning the emergency authorization for bulk orders. 
  • Vaccines are about to hit the markets around Christmas of this year as per the statement from Chief Executive of BioNTech, Ugur Sahin. 


Upcoming COVID vaccine is out by the Renowned Pharmaceutical Company of America, Pfizer Inc in collaboration with the German partner BioNTech. Only after studying all intricacies of Pfizer, it can promote and deliver vaccines to various parts of the world. World and India are still awaiting more facts and safety study of this vaccine. As per the latest projections, Pfizer can produce up to 50 million vaccination doses in 2020 and 1.3 billion by the end of 2021. Most importantly, initial doses are for high-risk groups, including the healthcare staff and workers. Hopefully, this might begin the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

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