10 Mobile Apps that will help you in Staying Healthy in 2021

Sunday September 26, 2021 at 12:15 pm

Are you looking for some healthy lifestyle apps? Mobile handsets have been associated with several health habits; however, they are no more than tools that can be put to both good and bad use. And yes, they can be pretty handy in helping you stay healthy. Below are the details of 5 mobile apps that will help you in staying healthy! Here we bring you a list of mobile apps that can help you stay healthy:

10 Mobile Apps that will help you in Staying Health


An average person should walk nearly 10000 steps every day to retain good health using these health monitoring apps. Most of us, though, do not walk more than 4000 or 5000 steps; the result is obesity. A pedometer app can help you by keeping a count of your steps every day, and you can set yourself targets to walk enough steps.


  • Helps in keeping count of your steps
  • Motivates to walk more


  • Does not help with gym workouts

Drink water reminder

Almost everyone can afford drinking water, and yet, strangely, most people don’t drink enough of it. The amount of water desirable for you is decided according to your body mass index, but chances are you are not drinking even half the desired amounts. However, apps you can use will remind you to take a glass and thus stay healthy. Among many benefits is its importance in metabolism – it is one of the easiest habits that help you lose weight.


  • Prompts you to stay hydrated
  • Helps in increasing metabolism


  • Not compatible with all devices

Eye protection apps

It is a well-established fact that continuous exposure to mobile screens is hardly suitable for your eyes. And those in the business are increasingly going conscious about this. Mobile apps have long been launching dark themes, while Google has launched a system-wide dark theme in Android Pie. Moreover, some mobiles come with inbuilt tools to help you protect your eyes. However, if such devices are not available, you can use eye protection apps that will reset mobile to make it easier on your eyes through blue light filters, adjusting brightness, etc.


  • Warns you about eye protection
  • Helps in adjusting auto-filters


  • Not available in old mobile handsets.

Relaxing apps

In the hectic lifestyle of modern times, relaxing is increasingly becoming difficult. Insomnia and lousy sleeping routine are a consequence. If you twist the wrong turn around a lot in bed trying to fall asleep, you can use some apps to play relaxing sounds that will help you fall asleep. Your Google Assistant can do it for you.


  • Calms down your mind and body
  • Helps in getting sound sleep


  • Users might get obstructed with other notifications

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MyFitnessPal is a spectacular app that helps in tracking your food intake. It’s convenient and offers complete data on the nutrition count of various foods and restaurant meals. After the app download, you can calculate the calorie count on multiple foods and even measure water to drink. It sorts your life with what to eat and what not to eat. You can track your meals and set fitness goals.


  • Acts as a personal nutritionist
  • Available for Android and iOS downloads


  • No updates if you forget to turn on the reminder settings


Do you know that overall health is much above the regular gym or meals you consume? Mental health is also essential, and meditation can help reduce stress and surging your happiness levels. With the Headspace app, you can select meditation sessions depending on your lifestyle and moods. Switch to the library of programs that help in the management of stress levels.


  • Manages anxiety levels
  • Dedicated library of meditation programs


  • Not all sessions serve your purpose.


Do you need a personal trainer without spending a penny? Well, then download the Fitplan app on your smartphones today itself and have your personalized coach within a fraction of seconds. Secure training sessions that last from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. All coaches registered here are athletes and professional trainers.


  • You can select from multiple programs depending on your fitness goals.
  • Expert and professional trainers are available.


  • Glitches with the loading of sessions.


A good sleep at night can play a crucial part in your good health. Taking enough sleep heals the heart and blood vessels as well as maintains the blood sugar levels. The sleepcycle app tracks your sleep quality along with your heart rate. It also wakes you at the lightest sleep phase during the daytime.


  • Monitors the sleeping patterns
  • Ensures well-rest at night for a happy day


  • Many users get cautious about assessing their sleep quality


Download the Aaptiv mobile apps to enjoy fitness classes from the comfort of your home and stay healthy. There are in all 30 classes every week amongst the unlimited options of 2,500 classes. You can choose courses depending on your workouts’ spaces, including the indoors, outdoors, or the home. There is also an option to select equipment as per your wish.


  • In-depth training on yoga, stretching and running.
  • Multiple choice of classes available
  • Different sessions for distinct workout goals


  • Not apt for users with existing medical conditions

Charity Miles

How about doing charity along with your good health? The Charity Miles app extends a motivation to make a difference with the donation of good health. It’s a free mobile app that tracks your exercise miles through your phone’s GPS. For every mile you complete, 10 cents are available for the donation, making you feel more worth it.


  • Corporate sponsors donate this amount.
  • App tracks you based on Phone GPS


  • User privacy is at stake with GPS tracking

Our Recommendations for best Mobile Apps for Staying Healthy

After a detailed introspection of the best lifestyle apps in 2021, the study says that MyFitnessPal is good to go for most users. It helps you with achieving your fitness goals and inspires users to keep going. With the surging reliability of mobile apps for everything, the introduction of health apps is a mega boon for the fitness sector. Many people these days are shifting to such apps for the overall achievement of health and wellness. A good lifestyle follows healthy habits and lots of good thoughts around!


Which is a Better App than Samsung Health?

If you consider Samsung Health for achieving your fitness goals, try GoogleFit as its better alternative. GoogleFit is a pro app with added features and sleep tracking system to assess your health.

Which is the #1 MObile Health and Fitness Apps?

MyFitnessPal gets ranked as the leading health and lifestyle app in 2021. It features an extensive database of more than 5 million foods with their exact nutritional contents and other details.

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