How to Get 8 Pack Abs? Best Tips!

Sunday October 10, 2021 at 8:13 pm

It is the trend and era of 8 pack abs full of muscular strength and visibility. You look genuinely masculine with the tight pack look and with specific restive features. The strongest score will equal the most muscular body. It is the intense and exact abdominal workout mechanism that will make you look strong and lean. It will help in boosting the gains and assist in the development of the solid eight packs. Maintaining and performing an authentic abs routine is just like buying new tires. It is something for which you would want to spend your money and time with a more remarkable improvement in the level of performance.

Talking about the Position

The 8 pack abs routine is just fine to help you sweat and toil for fitness and overall wellbeing. Along with a workout, diet is also paramount to have those really good-looking muscles. The abdomen muscles include several flex areas, extend, twist, and stabilizing the trunk area. They will sit on the frontal side of the lower torso and perfectly originate from the size of the ribcage where things get attached to the pelvis.

Modifications and Exercising Tips

There are excellent exercises and modifications to help in moves like squeezes and crunches to add pounds to the abs and make it strong like tempered steel. The first tip would be to do the leg raises, and for this, you need to perform on a flat bench. It should be a decline or a hanging bench for your convenience. In the hanging version, you need to start with the straight leg posture, and then you can bend your knees to keep things going with the intense burn. This is how you can get going with the 8 pack abs routine.

Follow the list of 8-10 Abdominal Exercises to squeeze your abs as stated below:

  1. Leg Raises- Perform it over the flat bench with a hanging version. Start with the straight leg and bend knees to head up towards an intense burn. Keep both legs parallel and try to bring the knees closer to the abdominal portion.
  2. Bicycles- Try it in the conventional style by alternating through both sides and add challenges by isolating one and then trying the next one. Make repetition in sets for quick results.
  3. Planks- Keep upgrading yourself with the new trial in planks, depending on the resistance strength you get.
  4. Dragon Flags- Practise the dragon flag on the decline bench to help you avail yourself of incredible strength and stability after a thorough practice.
  5. Windshield Wiper- Observe the wipers on your car windshield and turn your legs into the same. Add intensity levels by adding weights to it.
  6. Side Planks- Transition from a side plank to the normal one, and from normal to side plank can align steady movements for your body in good form and function.
  7. Russian Twists- Practice bearing the weights of a plate in your hands while performing exercises to get benefits shortly.
  8. Crunches- There are numerous types of crunches like those you perform on a flex-ball by holding a weight plate over your chest. You can experiment with multiple other types.

Working of the Abdominal Muscles

For that attractive and perfect 8 pack abs, it is great to start exercising the abdominal muscles. The rectus abdominis is the long muscle extension, and it can vertically extend along the length of the abdomen. These are well-known muscles for the appearance of the six-packs, and these are at the best necessary for reasons of coughing, breathing, and bowel movements. There are more abdominal muscles, including the external and the internal obliques and also the transverse abdominis.

The description of the Core Musculature

Abdominal muscles consist of several parts like extend, twist, trunk area, and flex. You have them on the lower torso starting from the ribcage and extends to the pelvis. Sneak out in detail about every muscle with its function.

  • Rectus Abdominus- It’s a ‘Six-Pack’ muscle having around 6 heads. It flexes on your spine and helps in bringing the pelvis and the ribcage close to each other.
  • Transverse Abdominus- It is a deep muscle at the core lying beneath other muscles that help in trunk stability.
  • Internal and External Obliques- Work on your dragon muscles that help in torso rotation and abdomen stabilization.

Proper Protein Intake

To have the best 8 pack abs, it is necessary to have a legitimate protein intake. It will help promote proper weight loss and even work on the belly fat to support the extent of muscle growth in the specific area. This makes the better way to the six-pack abs. With the consumption of high protein meals, you are sure to experience the feeling of fullness and the proper promotion of the appetite control mechanism in the case of overweight and obese individuals. More protein intake and less calorie consumption will help support the system of effective muscle building.

The HIIT Training Session

For the proper 8 pack abs development, it is perfect to have high-intensity interval training. You can even call the same as HIIT session, which comes in the form of exercise. It involves the alternatives between the vigorous bursts of several activities and the short recovering periods. HIIT is just the best to keep your heart rate going and will help increase the rate of fat burning. The addition of the HIIT as part of the routine can help in boosting the weight loss process and make it easy to attain the perfect abs structure.

Necessary to Stay Hydrated

To have well-developed muscles, it is necessary to stay well hydrated. Water is perfectly crucial to help uplift the health aspect. Water plays a vital role just for everything like waste disposal and regulation of body temperature. A well-hydrated body will also help in pumping up the metabolic system in specific. It can, in turn, help eliminate the extra belly fat, and this is how you can attain your eight-pack abs. Regular consumption of 500 milliliters of water can make you feel extra energetic at the time of the workout.

Foods to Avoid

It is not good to eat highly processed food, even in normal cases. Consumption of cookies, chips, crackers and the rest are incredibly high in calories and curbs. These foods are also rich in sodium and fat. Such foods have lower nutrient contents and lack essential protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Thus, regular intake of such items will not allow the development of 8 pack abs with extra intensity and dedication. Mineral and protein intake is necessary to have the best and tough muscle size.

List of foods to avoid while you are on your 8 pack abs target:

  • White Bread- It’s the purest form of refined carb and can shoot up your glycemic index leading to increased sugar levels. Swap it with whole grains.
  • Muffins- Again, a ball of refined white flour that’s loaded with fats and sugar. Your body cannot metabolize it quickly.
  • Potato chips- Control your cravings on munching chips as they are full of hydrogenated oils that stick around your middle body.
  • Diet foods packed with artificial sweeteners- Don’t fall for the trap of ‘diet’ cookies, and watch out for the artificial sweeteners in them.
  • Dried Fruits- They might look tempting but are high in fructose as the water strips off.
  • Canned soups- Refrain from the high sodium content while you wish to seek a plain belly.
  • Ice Creams and Fast Foods- They are all high in sodium, calories, and carbohydrates, which could lead to bloating in the stomach. Avoid them as much as possible.

Intake of More Fiber

Adding more fiber to the food is one of the simplest ways to help increase weight loss and achieve perfect 8 pack abs. The soluble fiber is made to move through the gastrointestinal tract area, and this can help slow down the process of the stomach getting empty to make the person feel full and strong. Research proves that having enough fiber in the diet will help prevent extra weight gain and undesirable fat accumulation. Among the lot, you have vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and seeds to add to the healthy diet to help in the effective burning of the extra belly fat.

What are the Benefits of Core Training?

Working on your core could be a primary factor that enhances the strength of your midsection and helps in big lifts. Hence, shift your focus on the core training that could prove effective in improving your stability during the lifts. You can also derive stronger squats, bench presses, and crucial deadlifts.

Until your core is strong, you cannot expect to get the strength, stability, and power to work out. Pay attention to the core strengthening, and your mid-section could reap unlimited benefits from the abs workout supported by a healthy diet and exercise regime.


Just practicing planks and crunches is not the only way to get 8 pack abs. You should have a perfect and positive mindset to acquire a definite body shape. The 8 pack is not just an acquisition. It is the state of health to help you overcome the obstacles effectively and gain strength in everyday life. To achieve the exact physical status, you must practice meditation to feel light and spirited. It will help you gain the motivation and the confidence to start working on the abs pack schedule with everything necessary and convenient.


Is it Possible to attain 8 Pack abs?

Yes, it’s possible but equally challenging and daunting in most cases. Girls and guys can aim for an 8 pack abs, but it depends on several factors, including the body fat composition and the overall genetics.

What’s the proper meal to have 8 pack abs?

Shift your diet mainly to the poultry products such as turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, and lean meats. Adds lots of fish products as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, low-fat cheese, and vegetarian proteins like tofu or beans.

What kind of foods can have a negative effect on your abs?

Any type of foods comprising sugars like chocolates, candies, sports drinks, soda, or alcohol are not suitable if you are on abs workout. You must also refrain from white breads, white pasta, fries, fried chicken, and sugary cereals.

Is Milk not a good choice for abs?

Intake of all dairy products like yogurt, cheese, or Milk can help develop six-pack abs. Milk is a necessary food that aids in digestion and also prevents osteoporosis.

Can chips cause a negative effect on abs?

Chips are all made of hydrogenated oils and consist of lots of fats that your body can burn off with difficulty. Ditch the chips, or it can lead to stomach bloating, taking away the lean abs from you.

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