COVID-19 and Mental Health- Tips to Retain Your Sanity!

Friday May 21, 2021 at 11:46 am

Do you mark yourself physically safe from the dreadful pandemic virus? If yes, you are lucky, but what about mental health. Uncertainties about the lives, future and fear of loneliness create havoc on the people’s minds. So, how to maintain your sanity levels? Let’s peek into the details!

How to Remain Sane in COVID-19 Pandemic

Scientists are striving hard with new searches on medications and treatments to get over this pandemic horror. Paramedical staff and other experts are also on board to deal with the physical damages to people. But what about mental health? How to manage the dying businesses, jobless people, and hopelessness with the going away of loved ones? The world is shattering with the fear of getting over it, and the biggest challenge, as per health experts, is now to maintain people’s sanity levels. 

Many people curate that introduction of Covid Vaccine could improve the scenario. But is there any jab for mental health? How to stay balanced despite all odds? Below you can find the tips to deal with the psychological roller coaster and retain your sanity!

8 Tips to Boost Mental Health amidst Pandemic Blues!

A positive attitude could be a source of several problems. The recent virus dominates all newspapers and social media headlines, thus creating a dilemma in people’s minds if they are not next. It is also painful to witness the plight of uncertainties and all around, and these tips could give you some relief and mental relaxation in anxiety. 

Ways to manage coronavirus anxiety:

  • Rely on legit sources for information- Half details could sometimes be the worst thing as it creates a delusion between right and wrong. For any news and updates related to Covid, you should necessarily only rely on official sources such as the World Health Organisation (WHO). As they are credible, you can prevent your mind from the panic of misinformation. 
  • Cut down the news sessions- Your mind feeds on what quality of content you offer. For stable mental health, it is imperative to limit your exposure to media coverage. Constant eye over the infected figures could accelerate your worries and lead to distress. Switch to only notifications on your phone and take a break from the virus terror. Conceive only the factual data that could help in the protection of you and your loved ones. 
  • Take care of Yourself- Most neglected and essential way to secure mental health is self-care. Stay in pace with the usual activities and daily schedules to be normal. Eating good, sleeping well, and some meditation could prevent you from going insane. A good session of yoga and mind relaxation could relieve your stress completely. 
  • Spread love and support- You are ultimately the sum of what you do and the people you meet. If you have concerns, there are better ways to portray them than just baffling around. Dealing with challenges could be painful but assure your family and friends that this too shall pass away! Try to erase negativity from the hearts of everyone, and you would also definitely benefit from it in many ways. 
  • Help people in quarantine- You might have constantly been hearing about people getting symptomatic and facing isolation. Self-quarantine is daunting, but you can find innovative ways to keep such friends or close ones engaged and help them fight the tough time. This age is blessed with digital connectivity and makes its optimum use to handle the scenario. 
  • Never quit positive attitude and hope- Anything and everything in this world is temporary and has to move away. Keep boasting that you are a warrior to sustain this pandemic and move out safely with your loved ones. Capture positivity from all around, like stories, articles, positive quotes, and images. You can also align your interest to motivational speakers willing to share their experiences on the recent recovery from the covid virus!
  • Trust your gut instincts- Human body is blessed with many physical and mental strengths. Your mind constantly indicates the positives and negatives around you, and you need to trust it always. Manage the current situation by communicating, writing a journal, or indulging in a creative activity!
  • Children’s mental health also needs attention- While you struggle with your mind, do not neglect if there are kids in the house. There are very sensitive and grasp every single reaction at a much faster pace as compared to you. You need to address them with the facts in a supportive way and give away all the support or attention they require. Show them videos on how to combat mental stress and retain their sanity in such times. 

Final Thoughts

Even after all the efforts, if you are still facing emotional anxiety, stress, fear, and depression, it’s time to consult with health professionals. They can offer you the proper counseling on various subjects and guide you in maintaining mental health. You can also switch to other proactive measures for managing the anxiety levels, such as planning a travel trip, organizing your closet, or express thanks to quelling off the negativity from life. 

Be full of gratitude for what you have, and you will be soon through the current hardships. Prepare a daily regime that includes investment in health like going low on sugar and taking vitamins to stay immune. Lift your spirits high and think of the new dawn that would be free from masks, sanitizers, and PPE’s! If this was unimaginable and you are facing it, that will also surely come soon. Wait for the right time, and till then, stay sane, stay positive!

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