What are some of the greatest key lime benefits?

Saturday January 29, 2022 at 1:21 pm

Key lime is recognized worldwide to be highly beneficial to the health profile. Based on the scale of acidity, Key lime outranks regular lime and thus tastes sweeter than regular lime. Key lime can be an additive to flavor as well as act as a health-beneficient. there are a number of micronutrients in key lime that cannot be found in most other common foods.

11 greatest Key lime Benefits to know about

  • Rich Source of antioxidants: Flavonoids, limonoids, ascorbic acid are some of the compounds in key lime. These act as antioxidants in the human body, which can cure chronic heart conditions, diabetes, and even cancer diseases. Antioxidants protect your body by prevention of damage caused by free radicals, or chemicals that harm cells.
  • Aid for weight loss: Usually dieters who focus on weight loss programs are bound to follow a very strict diet plan. A start to a day with a glass of lime water in the morning can increase the metabolism rates, thus helping you to burn calories and be in a good shape. Coupled with a steady exercise regime and diet with balanced nutrients, this can be a great remedy for people suffering from any kind of obesity related issues.
  • A weapon against constipation: The acidity of key lime helps in easy breakdown of food for better digestion. A glass of warm water served with 2 teaspoons of key lime before meals can promote smooth bowel movements and formation of stool. Also, the flavonoid content of key lime stimulates the secretion of digestive juice in the human body. Flavonoids (limonin glucoside), which have anti-carcinogenic, antibiotic, and detoxifying properties can stimulate the healing process of peptic ulcers. You may also be interested in knowing about the benefits of drinking cold water and continuing on to your healthy life.
  • Ideal for diabetic patients: Absorption of sugar by the body into the bloodstream can be regulated by key lime. The low glycemic index of key lime can reduce blood sugar spikes. The high levels of soluble fiber help to regulate the body’s absorption of sugar into the bloodstream and reduce the frequency of blood sugar spikes.
  • Controller of Heart diseases: Research studies show that the Magnesium and potassium content of key lime can decrease the risk of heart attacks and stroke. They also aid in balance of blood pressure and regulates blood circulation, lime compounds called limonins that may be able to reduce cholesterol levels that prevent narrowing of blood vessels and thus lower the chances of heart attack and stroke.
  • A potential preventor of cancer: Antioxidants contained in key lime favours controlled the growth of cell in your body and thus reduce the proneness to cancer. The risk of unwanted and uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in kidneys, breasts, and lungs is reduced to a great extent.
  • A source of iron: Key lime enhances absorption of iron by the body. Iron content is inevitable for formation of red blood cells. Thus a benefit of key lime is that it prevents occurrence of iron deficiency anemia. Iron is also important to help maintain the dietary supplements that are required to protect the body against different diseases.
  • A controller of Inflammation: Vitamin C content of key lime can reduce the level of inflammation if the body, thus preventing symptoms of arthritis, joint pain and stiffness. The Vitamin content can help to balance out the toxins that often cause inflammation in a body.
  • A storehouse of minerals: It is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Vitamin C and antioxidants can help the body gain immunity against cold and flu virus, citric acid prevent kidney stones by increasing citrate levels and binding to stone-forming minerals in the urine.
  • A booster of immunity: Some studies show that vitamin C of key lime can help in formation of white blood cells that act as a protection from diseases and infection. Vitamin C also favors collagen production which is necessary for repairing any wound. Lime juice and other citrus products have been found to kill Vibrio cholera bacteria and act as a biocide.
  • A rejuvenator of Skin: The antioxidants of key lime can combat aging of the skin. It minimizes wrinkles and makes your skin look younger. However, direct application of lime juice on your skin is not recommended.

Benefits of Key Lime FAQs

Q1. Is key lime a smart choice to lose weight?

Ans: Citric acids in key lime boost your metabolism rate. The addition of lime juice to a glass of warm water or simply consuming lime zest can rev your metabolism and in turn, can be an aid to weight loss.

Q2. What are the benefits of consuming key lime?

Ans: The vitamin, citric acid, and antioxidant content of key lime make it an inseparable part of a healthy diet plan. Moreover, it can be a very good regulator of metabolism as well as heart disease. Key lime has the potential to be a nutritious addition to a perfectly balanced diet.

Q3. Can I have key lime if I am diabetic?

Ans: Yes. One of the perks of having key lime is it helps maintain any health condition, including diabetes. It helps in blood circulation and maintains the glucose level in the body.

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