Tomatoes and Skin Care 101- Get Familiar With the Top Facts

Monday October 25, 2021 at 9:50 am

Can you relate to the magical benefits of tomatoes on the skin? It is indeed an excellent remedy for getting clean and clear skin. Though tomatoes are often associated with positive skin health, there are also a few side effects of applying tomato on the face. Firstly, they help add a unique glow to your skin due to the high contents of Vitamin C and Potassium.

This ingredient serves as the most effective and helpful option to derive a supple skin tone. It has a deep cleansing effect that is also slightly acidic. With this, the dullness of the skin waives away, and Vitamin C adds a shine and gloss to your skin. Tomatoes also comprise lycopene that acts as an antioxidant for combating the free radicals in your body. Besides, it also works as a popular treatment for aging and managing sun damage.

For inner rejuvenation of your skin, the inclusion of tomatoes is undoubtedly a great idea. Due to their pore-shrinking properties, it helps reduce acne and solves pimple issues as well. It also has many astringent properties that aid in reducing excessive sebum from the surface of the skin. As a result, you can avoid dirty blackheads and even whiteheads. Tomato is a versatile ingredient that can deal with all types of problematic skin issues.

Positive Effects of Applying Tomato on Face

The proper use and application of tomatoes on your face and render the following benefits:

  • Tomatoes reduce the skin’s oiliness and give it a clean, clear, and tighter tone. Rubbing raw tomatoes on the face and allowing it to rest for 5 minutes can show exemplary results.
  • They aid in opening up the skin pores and reducing the blackheads on your face. By cutting the tomato in half and rubbing it on your skin, its juice slowly saturates in the skin pores. You can allow it for 15 minutes and then rinse off gently for the best results.
  • Tomatoes also work as a fantastic skin lightener. It eliminates the skin dullness, but two tablespoons of its pulp along with the fresh mint paste can impart incredible outcomes. You must apply it over the clean skin and note down the magical difference. Not just would the skin appears lighter, but you can also feel tauter and refreshed.
  • For removing that stubborn summer tans also tomato application on the face is a good option. You can mash it with tomato pulp and mix it with honey to massage gently over your skin. It can prove helpful in the tan reduction that is caused due to the harmful UV rays.
  • If your skin is prone to sunburns, even then, the power of Vitamin A and C in tomatoes can give you a fairer look. It eliminates the sunburn effect from depth. The soaking effect and coolness of the buttermilk help diminish the sunburn rashes and soothe all the heat from your skin.
  • Tomato and sugar scrub also exfoliates your skin, cleanses it from within, and offers deep nourishment for daily skincare. It can impart you a maximum number of health benefits, including a lower level of blood pressure, low cholesterol, and the prevention of clots.
  • Skin lightening is a significant benefit of tomato application as it includes Vitamin C and other antioxidants that help in face whitening. It also works as the natural bleaching agent, and its application on the face can make your skin look brighter and add radiance to it. For a natural glow, you must include it.
  • Tomatoes can also reduce acne and solve pimple problems. If you are eyeing some chemical-free solution for pimple issues, you might feel glad to identify the benefits of tomatoes. The acidity level of the tomato juice has many anti-bacterial properties that treat the pimple issues from within.
  • Most expensive products provide skincare by balancing the overall ph levels of the skin. It helps in fighting against the excess oil production caused due to the sebaceous glands. Managing oiliness of skin becomes possible with regular use of tomatoes on the skin.
  • Due to the multiple acidic properties, tomato juice also effectively removes the additional oil and dirt from the skin and prevents the formation of blackheads.
  • Tomato application in the proper manner can also help remove wrinkles and the dull lines that add to skin aging. Due to a higher count of antioxidants, there is the formation of collagen that surges up the skin elasticity and makes it wrinkle-free and soft.

The positive effects of tomatoes are countless, and it is an inexpensive ingredient too. However, it’s not necessary that you can avail sure shot positive results with its use. Some people have susceptible skin, and there is a possibility of allergic reactions on them. Using them can impart you blemish-free, glowing and clear skin that shines in style. If you do not find it suitable for the skin, direct intake of tomatoes can also prove very beneficial for people.

Side Effects of Applying Tomato on Face

While tomatoes can add health and goodness to your diet, they might also result in allergic reactions under certain circumstances. Thus, you must stay careful while applying them to the skin as there are associated risks like itching, rashes, and redness. Taking a patch test can also prove beneficial before the actual application of tomatoes. It is ideal for analyzing the patch for at least 24 hours before coming to any conclusion. Check for the signs like swelling, redness, or itchiness before choosing it for the complete face application.

Summing Up

Although there are several speculations by the experts, research lacks the support of scientific evidence related to the facial application of tomatoes. Adding tomatoes to your skincare routine is quite possible only after you consult the dermatologist regarding the same. Every person has a unique skin tone as well as a texture that does not work for all skin types. They need to assess the overall skin condition and then decide if it’s ideal for applying or not.


Is there any side effects of applying tomato on face?

There are no specific harmful effects of tomato application as such. But as every person owns a different skin type, it is crucial to make choices amongst what suits best for your skin. Carry out a patch test to identify if there is any kind of redness or irritation on the skin.

How frequently is it advisable to apply tomatoes on the face?

Although you can make its application whenever you feel right, using it at least thrice a week is essential for getting the best outcomes.

Can the effect of tomatoes vary as per your skin type?

Ph balancing of the tomatoes stays on the same line for all skin types and serves as an effective remedy to deal with all skin issues. Mixing it with other ingredients can, however, prove harmful to your skin and overall health. Be careful while using it along with yogurt or avocado.

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