Women Anxiety : Tips to Cope up

Friday April 10, 2020 at 7:41 am

Women Anxiety is one of the most common problems. Sharing a few tips to overcome the same. 

Getting an active lifestyle

Most of the time, we feel anxious because we have enough time to feel this way. This is probably because you are following a sedentary lifestyle. You are not engaged in doing something that you really enjoy doing which creates a vacuum in your minding providing room for anxiety. To combat anxiety in this situation you need to shun that sedentary lifestyle right away and get going. You need to follow a routine that is more active and keeps you busy during the major part of the day. This way you keep yourself engaged and away from anxiety.

Walk-in a park

At times we don’t realize but it is actually the lack of space that makes us anxious. The only way to deal with this is not to get yourself a bigger space each time you feel that way but get close to mother earth. You need to start taking short walks in parks or other similar places around your vicinity. Start by brisk walking and then get going with this routine. Walking in a park amidst fresh air and looking at different people around you makes your soul happy and that is exactly what you need to deal with the anxiety.

Indulge in creativity

Within all of us, there is surely one or the other hidden talent. In case you are unable to figure it out, it’s okay. You can simply think about an activity that makes you happy. It can be anything like reading a book, cleaning the house, cooking for your kids and family, arts and crafts, doing the projects etcetera. You can then begin devoting most of your time towards this activity and realize that anxiety has begun to quit your life. It might take some time to get rid of it completely but immersing yourself as much into creativity as possible can surely help you combat anxiety.

Begin a project

No, we are not asking you to do some official or an academic project. We are simply asking you to get involved in any project that suits your interests. By project, we imply an activity that has some end results or goals. This can be gardening for example. Begin planting new things in your backyard and involve yourself in nurturing the same. Secondly, you can involve yourself in knitting a sweater for example and try giving yourself a soft deadline to complete the same. As most of your time and thoughts will be consumed in achieving your goal there will be less room left for anxiety in your life. In simple words, you just have to follow your hobby.

Get a coffee buddy

You cannot tarp yourself within the four walls of the house all the time and expect anxiety to leave out of the doors. The more you stay alone the greater are the chances of anxiety making room in your life. You need to have a buddy with whom you can share your thoughts. It can be anyone your siblings, your parents, your husband, friend, neighbors anyone, it does not matter. What matters is that the person ought to share a bond with you.

Anxiety might seem to be a petty issue for many but it is surely not as petite as you consider it to be. Therefore, it is time to get rid of it as soon as possible.

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