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Wednesday November 4, 2020 at 2:08 pm

Hello and welcome everyone to our 4th blog where we will talk about the powerhouse, the backbone of BeMicron’s In-house laundry: IT-solution. In case you are curious to read our previous blogs and want to know more about BeMicron’s other innovations, here’s the link to our  products like Bemicron Cleanroom Garments BeMicron with Integrated Goggle,  BeMicron Eco-pack

The ability to use an IT system in a laundry for monitoring or analysis purposes is considered vital and can help the companies in more than one-way imaginable. The BeMicron laundry unit comes with a full IT platform for laundry process management and quality information. The system is based on a digital online cloud computing system in order to operate, manage both operationally and quality-wise. The units’ full technical setup and flow are based on using UHF technology for efficiency, compliance, track & trace, stock management, and transparency.

There are certain features-cum-advantages to this IT-solution:

  • Best practice operational cleanroom laundry units compliant to GMP standards continuously updated as global standards like GMP and ISO evolve.
  • The digital cloud computing system in order to operate; manage both operationally as well as quality-wise on-premises laundry.
  • An IT platform covering needs for management and quality information (traceability, access and garment control, ordering, digital library, etc.), as well as in house laundry & process management needs on similar topics.
  • Training and E-learning modules fully covering what’s needed to properly operate and secure compliance of the BeMicron units.
  • BeMicron’s customers receive continuous support to ensure compliance, highest efficiencies, therefore, cost management, and meet validation demands, from a distance using the IT  platform, as well as on the floor during set support visits by our specialists, allowing partners the bare minimum of overheads.
  • Continuous product and solution development and managing the global supply chain as part of the franchise; garment systems, cleanroom cleaning, and further contamination control products, service, and propositions
  • Maximum cost transparency adapted to local cost structures.
  • Lastly, the ability to track, gather and analyze data from HVAC, QA, water usage, control & monitoring equipment that also helps in better knowledge about the particle count, overpressure, temperature inside a cleanroom followed by better results during external audits.

Bemicron IT

IT Package

The BeMicron IT package comes with loads of management systems, SOPs, and learning modules that can help an operator of the laundry to efficiently manage in the most compliant way possible and at the same time provide training to its personnel in an easy and cheap way. There are key 5 elements to the package:

LMS – The laundry management system (LMS) helps to track and monitor all the laundry machines running on-premises individually. They provide an overall picture thereby giving a real-time status of operation and a detailed picture of the different steps involved in the operation. These help in knowing the foreseeable errors and taking corrective actions.

Bemicron IT

FMS – The facility management system (FMS) helps to manage the overall facility around the laundry unit on the premise. It gives an insight into different aspects like capacity utilization, required load etc. that are essential for the smooth functioning of the laundry. These data help in running the laundry at an optimal level thereby avoiding an over or under-utilization.

QMS – The quality management system (QMS) helps to make sure that the entire laundry process is in compliance with the rules and guidelines. The SOPs are hosted on a separate platform called “VEEVA” which maintains a library of all the necessary papers, annex, and regulations required to operate in a laundry.

TMS – The textile management system (TMS) helps to manage the circulation and supply of the garments used in operations in the plant. Similar to FMS, it monitors the capacity utilization of the garments, classifying them individually into different filters, and providing an accurate picture of demand and supply.

E-learning – Again, the E-learning and training modules are hosted on “VEEVA” as well on the IT-platform which helps to train and re-train the personnel whenever needed. The biggest benefit is the cost-effectiveness of providing training and reduced human intervention.

Customer Promise

Customer Promise

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