BeMicron and its RFID Solution

Friday December 4, 2020 at 9:32 pm

Hello and welcome everyone to our 5th blog where we will talk about the latest solution in the field of RFID that BeMicron has recently added to its range of IT-solution assortment. In case you are curious to read about our IT- Solution and want to know more about BeMicron’s other innovations, here’s the link to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd blog.

As we know, the world is moving rapidly towards a contactless ecosystem where more and more innovations are happening to make tech-dependent products faster, efficient, and touch-free. However, such advancements is not happening only in the consumer products industry, but also in the typical B2B industry where smart products are being developed for day-to-day use. BeMicron has been a pioneer in providing innovative RFID solution, which is widely used by its customer base. The two most commercial solutions are:

  1. Distribution system

In big pharmaceutical companies, the management of personnel garments is a big issue. Normally, it’s a costly process involving a lot of lockers and complex management systems. One possible solution to it could be a digital store that manages the plant-wide distribution of the garments and feeds the data online for the managers to review and analyze. BeMicron Distribution System allows you to locate and track clothes taken out of the store by the wearer, to provide a real-time inventory of the store, and to manage a non-identifying follow-up of clothes. The system will draw up a list of the clothes it has identified (location, date, time, item code, wording, size, color, date of the last time they went to the laundry, number of washes, etc.) to allow crosschecking this list with data of the access management system of the company if necessary.

Steps (How it works?)

The system works on 4 basic steps that make the whole process seamless:

Bemicron Distributed


The are 4 features of this system:

  1. Store Entrance- The clothes leaving BeMicron will be registered and considered as being in the store.
  2. Store Exit- Swiping in the security vestibule allows to identify the wearer and to associate the clothes that will be read by the RFID antenna. This action will also record the exit of the store for the clothes in question
  3. Store Inventory- The inventory will be compiled by a portable reader periodically to consolidate data.
  4. Analyses and Statistics- All the information will be available online including detail of the movements for each swipe badge, alert if the stock of certain clothes becomes critical, etc.


  1. Warehouse Management System

With “Pool Management”, you can manage your stock as you wish.

To begin with, you acquire a global clothing volume. These garments can be used in all sectors/departments of your production on the basis of a distribution that you manage through our solution.

Depending on the needs of your different departments, you can increase or decrease the volume allocated to them without making any physical modification to these garments. These can therefore be dynamically transferred from department to department.

Thanks to our system, you avoid buying additional stock to meet temporary demand or having to store dormant stock that can be significant.

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