BeMicron : Cleanroom Garments and In-house laundry solutions

Monday August 3, 2020 at 5:33 pm


BeMicron represents over 30 years of global experience in delivering innovative commercial contamination control services and products.


BeMicron has been active in the cleanroom clothing decontamination sector for more than 30 years. Over the years, the company has established a global footprint in providing innovative contamination control services and products. The company has developed amongst others the revolutionary aseptic gowning system that completely protects cleanrooms from human contamination by getting dressed without touching the garments on the outside. It’s contamination control solutions include coveralls with compliant gowning solutions, integrated goggles & breathing equipment, in-house/on-premises laundry units with intelligent track & trace system, and training & e-learning modules for cleanroom operations. BeMicron offers a full range of services and customized solutions in accordance with the norms and standards from ISO4 to ISO8.

BeMicron reinvents the cleanroom coverall

Thanks to the BeMicron® folding system and donning procedure, the operator’s movements follow each other automatically without the need to touch the outside of the coverall and without any errors in procedure.

  • Intuitive: Donned without touching the outside of the coverall
  • Safety: Remove any risk of contamination during the gowning procedure
  • Economical: Reduce your costs whilst increasing your productivity and quality
  • Sustainable: All products are reusable

BeMicron offers a range of innovative products made from proven materials and accessories.

 In house decontamination units

BeMicron provides ready-to-operate on site decontamination units coupled with contamination control tools as well as all the needed support for its suitable functioning.

Decontaminate garments on site and manage your fleet in an integrated manner with applicable standards would simplify the logistical constraints and optimize the costs for pharma, biotech, micro-electronics, semi-conductor and health-care sectors.

The BeMicron units have been designed to be agile and meet all partners’ capacity and compliance needs, to operate on-premises with the full support and securities just like an external commercial laundry.

The decontamination process is completely under control thanks to an integrated monitoring system that meets the latest technical quality and efficiency standards. The machines and installations are designed according to the latest innovations and GMP compliance requirements and are continuously updated. It’s an integrated solution with cloud computing, RFID UHF and a dedicated IT Platform.

The unit is built with the best technologies to guarantee a minimal ecological footprint. The solution developed is respectful of the environment and wishes to respond to the challenge of sustainable development.


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