Fenugreek- A Super Food with Multiple Health Benefits!

Tuesday September 14, 2021 at 3:11 pm

Fenugreek, also known as ‘Methi’ in Hindi, is a superb herb used in various ways and forms. The methi dana is brownish, while the fenugreek leaves serve as a healthy green leafy veggie in multiple dishes.
Fenugreek plant consists of tiny white flowers along with seed pods. These pods are yellowish-brown and smell pungent. They are bitter, but you can spot them in the Indian kitchen for many culinary purposes. The uses of this plant are much more than just the basic kitchen uses. Fenugreek benefits for females and males are excellent due to its intrinsic properties.

Nutritional Proportion of the Fenugreek Seeds

Do you want to know about the fenugreek benefits for weight loss? For that, you need to learn about its nutritional values. Fenugreek plants and seeds are rich in minerals, fibers, and vitamins and work magic on your health improvement. A single tablespoon of these seeds comprises 35 calories and numerous nutrients like magnesium, fats, proteins, niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, thiamine, and Vitamin C. Even the fenugreek seeds Ayurveda suggests that it’s a boon for various problems and ailments.
There are multiple ways of consuming these super healthy and tasteful fenugreek seeds. The ideal way is to drink them as fenugreek seed water. You can also consume these seeds by soaking them overnight and consume with an empty stomach. With this, the fenugreek benefits for men and women can increase all the more.
Another option is to sprout seeds and intake them in the form of a salad. You can also roast the fenugreek seeds and grind them as a fine powder. You can also form their paste and have it in the curry form. Consuming fresh methi leaves is divine, especially in Indian delicacies like the ‘Thepla’ or any other form. You can further search about fenugreek benefits in Hindi to get information on dishes made out of this wonder food. Now, let’s learn about the fenugreek benefits and even its disadvantages.

Advantages of Fenugreek Intake

Fenugreek benefits for the body have been well-known for its medicinal properties for the past several years. It adds an incredible flavor to your daily food and also aids in relieving you from various types of ailments. There are multiple medicinal uses of these seeds apart from adding flavors to your regular foods. Below are the few exceptional fenugreek benefits and uses:
1. Gives Healthy Hair- Hair problem is quite common with men and women. Suffering from dry hair, dandruff, or hair fall can be a tedious thing. If medications and multiple types of shampoos are not helping you out, you can even opt for few natural therapies. Fenugreek seeds consist of nicotinic acid and proteins that strengthen the hair roots and helps in the repair of the damaged hair follicles. Fenugreek benefits for hair are well-known to even hair experts and specialists.
It is mainly advantageous due to the slippery substance known as lecithin that adds unmatchable shine to your hair. The best way of consuming these fenugreek seeds is by soaking them overnight. You can also grind them and add them with curd into the paste. After the paste is ready, you can apply it to the scalp and massage gently on the hair roots.

Within 30 minutes of application, the hair problems could come to an end. Fenugreek seeds also have many medicinal properties that prevent pigmentation and issues related to gray hair.
2. Acne-free radiant skin- Are you also suffering from sticky acne issues? It is a common problem, especially amongst teenagers. The constant recurrence of acne is a common issue mainly for teenagers. Fenugreek benefits for skin are exceptional and consistent use can lead to incredible results. It can lead to dull, unhealthy, and damaged skin. However, the fenugreek seeds comprise Diosgenin that has multiple anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
As a result, your skin can stay prevented from acne problems and other skin-related problems such as dark spots, wrinkles, and different types of infections. Fenugreek benefits for females also include slowing the aging process and offering natural moisture to your skin.
Applying the fenugreek seed paste and honey on your face during the night and then washing it off offers you radiant and acne-free skin. You can prepare the face pack made out of fenugreek seeds along with curd and gram flour. It exfoliates into the skin and removes the dark circles and the dark spot. Even the fenugreek benefits Ayurveda also state about its advantages on the skin health.
3. Helps in weight loss- Intake of fenugreek seeds daily with water on an empty stomach can enhance your metabolism and reduce weight. It is packed with natural fibers that are helpful in calorie reduction and also manages your cravings. Fenugreek benefits for weight loss are also well-known to those performing any diet regime. Intake of these seeds impart a full feeling and suppress your existing appetite. Besides, it also proves helpful in managing weight loss and reduced overeating habits. There are both fenugreek benefits and side effects if taken in excess amounts.
4. Regulates Blood Sugar levels- For diabetic patients, fenugreek seeds are a boon. They serve as a wonderful medium for the prevention and control of diabetes. Fenugreek benefits for men having diabetes are persistent because it lowers the blood sugar level. Intake of soaked seeds in a glass of warm water can effectively manage blood sugar.
5. Aids in Digestion- People suffering from bowel issues or hyper-acidity can also switch to managed consumption of fenugreek seeds. It can work magic on their health. A balanced intake of these seeds can reduce all types of digestive problems as well. Fenugreek benefits and uses are endless, but it gained popularity for the digestive benefits. You can consume them with grated ginger into the paste and have one tablespoon before every meal. With fenugreek water, you can also flush off the unwanted body toxins and improvise your bowel movement.
6. Increases breast milk production- Fenugreek benefits for women and females extend further with the increased milk production. These seeds show up proven effects on increased milk production in new mothers. It includes phytoestrogen that increases the production of milk in lactating mothers. Consumption of fenugreek tea also helps to increase milk levels and aids in weight gain amongst infants. Hence, expecting mothers must consume balanced fenugreek intake for better and quality milk production.
7. Relieves from the menstrual cramps- Fenugreek benefits for females also extend with relief from the menstrual cramps. The methi seeds are comprised of anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce menstrual cramps and other related problems. As per research, the prime reason for the relief from pain is the existence of alkaloids in it. Intake of the fenugreek seed powder can also help in managing issues like nausea and fatigue. Fenugreek benefits for women are pretty high, and you can derive great results within no time.

8. Boosts up the Libido levels- Fenugreek benefits for men are evident with the surged up libido levels. Those facing sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, or impotence can treat it with fenugreek seeds consumption. Extracting these seeds or their intake in tea can also increase libido and eliminate all other types of issues.
9. Manages high cholesterol- Fenugreek benefits and uses continue with managing the high cholesterol levels. Lowering bad cholesterol or LDL becomes possible due to the high level of flavonoids in fenugreek. Intake of these soaked seeds can also cut down cholesterol levels drastically.
10. Elevate your mood- It is scientifically proven that the fenugreek seeds also help in freshening up your mood and prevents any stress. Proper dosage of these seeds can show a significant impact on managing the overall stress levels. Hence, it can prove immensely helpful in multiple ways.

Fenugreek Benefits Ayurveda- Supplements and Dosage

Distinct dosage and formation of fenugreek are available in liquids, powders, capsules, and tablets. Consuming this seed is possible as the capsule, or you can brew it in the tea. The seeds are grind and get added to the bread or food. Having a dose of 500-600mg fenugreek capsule every day is quite recommendable. Although it’s a herbal supplement, the better option is to consult a doctor and check for the right amount.
Fenugreek benefits and side effects are essential to study. The usual side-effects that you face with the intake of these seeds are upset stomach, diarrhea, coughing, headache, dizziness, bloating gas, and an odd odor in urine. It can also cause nasal congestion or allergic reactions in hypersensitive people.

Winding Up

Owning the impeccable fenugreek benefits for the body of these seeds, they are known for many beauty and health-related benefits. Fenugreek is a wonderful herb with multiple benefits on your overall well-being. It works as an excellent medicine for many years and is thoroughly a fantastic supplement.
These seeds have effectively managed blood sugar, testosterone levels, breastfeeding, and other reasons for thousands of years. Several mothers have been consuming it for better lactation for several decades. It is a widely used ingredient in several types of Indian curries and Egyptian, Turkish and Persian cuisines. Did you try it yet?

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