Magical Benefits of Eating Red Bananas- Are they Better than the Yellow Ones?

Saturday September 11, 2021 at 8:19 pm

Do you know about the scrumptious taste of red bananas? Are you sure if they are better than the yellow ones? The red banana or the Dhaka Banana is quite famous and sweeter as compared to the yellow bananas. It has a soothing aroma and smells much similar to your favorite berries. Are you all set to know about the sibling of the yellow banana?

Benefits of Consuming Red Banana

Are you unsure if red bananas can render health benefits or not? Well, the answer is yes. There are multiple benefits of eating these fully ripe bananas. You must not consume them raw, or they would taste a bit chalky and dry. It might appear tasteless to many people when eaten raw. However, the ripe version has numerous benefits slated down below.

Red Bananas Manages weight loss

Red bananas consist of much lesser calories when compared to other nutritional fruits and vegetables. The high fiber content in it keeps you fuller for a longer period. Every single piece of red banana has 90 calories, a sufficient level of carbohydrates, and fiber content. It is easily possible to get the required amount of fibers and other nutrients through this fruit.

Advantageous for Kidneys

The potassium level in red bananas helps reduce and control kidney stones. Consuming these bananas regularly can also prevent cancer and other heart diseases. Retention of calcium strengthens bone health and gives them better sturdiness.

Help to quit smoking

Does it sound weird to you, but it’s a yes? Consumption of red bananas helps to control the intake of nicotine. The potassium and magnesium content helps in coping with the withdrawal symptoms after you give up on smoking. It imparts an immediate sense of energy and refreshment.

Red Banana enhances skin quality

Consistent intake of red bananas effectively cleanses the skin pores, and its effective application as the mask helps keep the skin elastic and tight. Almost 75% water content and antioxidants offer skin hydration and prevent the skin from drying or peeling off.

Red Banana Purifies blood

Red bananas are also high in Vitamin B-6 which shoots up the hemoglobin count and the quality of blood. It’s also effective in converting serotonin into tryptophan. People suffering from anemia must consume at least 2-3 bananas daily to count RBC cells better.

Enhances hair quality

Red bananas are pretty effective in controlling dandruff as well. Especially in winters, using the red banana hair mask with sesame, almond, and coconut oil can impart enough moisture to your hair. It also effectively manages the problem of dry hair and hair fall.

Relieves stress

Red bananas also give required relaxation to your heart and manage your body’s water stability during stress hours. Intake of one red banana daily can drastically cut down your anxiety levels.

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Final Take on Benefits of Red Banana

The health experts say red bananas are great in taste and add nutritional benefits to your daily diet. There are multiple health benefits of Red bananas, and you can get astonished to witness its outcomes. Red bananas are much better and healthier than authentic yellow bananas due to the above benefits. It’s worth giving them a try and includes a small portion of these bananas in your daily diet!

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