Tops ways to revive the camera magic this World Photography Day!

Tuesday August 4, 2020 at 10:27 am

Click a snap and spread the power of the camera lens all around! Photography is a passionate work that motivates us to explore and restore the best moments for a lifetime. Photos are epic and eternal! World Photography Day celebrated on August 19 marks the celebration of art that soothes mind and soul. There is numerous way through which photography lovers can celebrate and create some masterpieces on this day. Please read below to know the Significance of this day and how you can celebrate it.

Why do people celebrate world Photography Day?

Immersing in art is the best stress-busting remedy. Confined visions and narrow mentality can never accommodate the real piece of art. Photography has unlimited extensions, and the joy of holding a moment forever is inexpressible. World photography day is just a way to pay tribute to all aspiring artists who gave an exquisite piece of work. It celebrates the picture fun across the world with an idea to promote and pamper the worth of true creativity. I being a snap enthusiast, never need a location or a beautiful landscape to catch a mind-boggling picture. It is always a matter of moment to feel that you must retain this memory forever. 

Photographers worldwide share millions of pictures each day, which adds to the legacy of this art. The craze for pictures over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is well-known to everyone. It is a day when people share images to inspire the coming generations about the depth and intimacy with art that you need to reach its core. Every picture tells a story that only a futuristic photographer can recall. You can eliminate all stress and worries that scare you through this activity. 

When did this day originate?

In 1837, Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Frenchman Louis Dauerre invented a rough photographic process. The first photograph was a gift to the world from the French Government on August 19, 1839. After that, Thomas Sutton took the first photograph in 1861, and the first digital snap came into existence in 1957. August 19, 2010, was the first day when a global online gallery witnessed photographic excursions from all over the world. 

What photography is all about?

Are we not all have picture maniacs? With the latest trends in Social media, exposure to camera and Photography is a daily deal. Everyone posts snap of every little moment to share the joy with the family and friends. Photography is distinct from taking regular photos as it needs some master skills for an epic shot. I recently countered a person who was capturing the shots of a lonely street, and out of curiosity, I asked him, “What is the point of clicking empty city lanes with no wow nature landscapes or beautiful creatures?” 

And there was no appropriate response apart from a silent mysterious smile. I kept waiting to get the answer. After a while, that man gave me his device display to the shots he took of that lane, and to my wonder, it was heart-wrenching. As an ordinary person, I could figure out from those snaps raised my respect for photographers. It depicts the loneliness and sadness in people’s hearts and how distances can hollow human beings. I told him what I felt, and he also seconds my opinion on it. So that’s the camera magic I have been talking about so long! 

Ways to celebrate World Photography Day

In today’s era, Photography is a hobby for many youngsters as they have easy access to high-quality digital equipment. Vivid styles of Photography done these days include the most popular portrait photography, Landscape, and wildlife, street photography, travel, newborn or macro Photography. Let’s hop to the celebration ideas for World Photography Day. 


  • Go outdoors to click some masterstrokes- It does not mean to travel at a far distance. True beauty resides in your perspective towards things. You can get a perfect picture background at a home backyard or any neighborhood place. A silent nature walk for a few miles can surely provide you some beautiful pictures and images. Play with your creativity to elaborate on fantastic outcomes. Our planet is a paradise of scenic views, and only a photographer’s eye can take the right shot. 
  • Gift something interesting to photo buddy- Every group of friends has that pro photographer who captures the best pictures and images. Why not pamper them on world photography day? It is exciting to buy a retro camera mug or gift a big album where they can store their artworks. The gift must be special and not pricey. Pondering on some options can take you to a few right choices. 
  • Give yourself a daily dose of Photography- What does that mean? Take up a 365-day project starting from this August 19 until the next one and explore your creative side each day. Few moments of artistic hunger can polish your basic skills, and you might be a whole new person next year. It’s fine if you are unable to manage the perfect picture each day. The only vital thing is to store memories that you can enjoy forever. 
  • Opt for Photography Blogging- How about hitting this art through blogging? Photoblogs are wonderful as you get to view the pictures and acknowledge the story behind it. People are fond of reading blogs these days, and it is a great way to connect with people. Start your photo-blog today, share your experiences, and who knows you might earn money!
  • Indulge in edits of past photos- World Photography Day is all about getting in the photo world and better than polishing some old work. We all have a folder of unnoticed random pictures that fill up the memory of our device. Please give it a style and filter with some good editing apps. Pictures reflect your persona, and captivating images makes everyone glare to it. 
  • Connect with a photo community– Are you still not a part of any photo community? Get started today. Search online for the top 10 websites to join on world photography day and select one that caters to your requirements. Upload your best snaps and click connections with other artists on the platform to share their experiences. 
  • Click yourself- It is the simplest way to celebrate your journey as a photographer. Try to click some mysterious snaps where you highlight only a single feature or gesture of yourself. Let people make guesses on the right interpretation of the picture. If you wish to play with paints, try experimenting with some self-portraits and bring up some unique ideas. 
  • DIY Photography project- Infusing photography skills with an actual project is worth a try. Get some scissors, glue, paper, and tapes and generate a lightbox. With an in-depth approach to Photography, you can learn the art of developing photographs, and many online tutorials might be helpful for this. 
  • Make a photo collage- Preparing a collage for your best collection is worth trying this world photography day. You can gather some favorite images of your friends or family and edit a perfect collage that rewinds all the best moments and wonderful memories under a single frame. There are endless options to edit like picking the black and white series, or you could pick a good theme to give it a unique touch. Options and combinations are endless, and you can pick at your convenience. 
  • Move out of your comfort space- Skip the regular photography session and brainstorm over something opposite your current style. Explore some out-of-the-box styles that can depict your emotion and expression together. 


Wrap up

World photography day calls for a peek to the explorer side of you. Do not worry if you are a highly artistic professional picture clicker or no; all it matters is your love for Photography. You can teach the skills but not passion. If you wish to explore the imagination and create thoughts in a single picture, start clicking images. Painting, making a sketch, editing pictures, or capturing photos are various aspects of creating artworks. You can pick anyone you like and take the liberty to hold the moments. Following the work from some renowned top photographers is also an excellent way to figure out their psychology, art style, and the form they follow. A dedicated approach to learning Photography can surely bring out the best in you!

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