BeMicron Eco-Pack

Wednesday November 4, 2020 at 1:49 pm

Hello and welcome everyone to our 3rd blog where we will talk about the latest and a more sustainable innovative solution that BeMicron has recently added to its long-range of product assortment. In case you are curious to read the 2nd blog and want to know more about BeMicron’s other innovations, here’s the link to our 1st blog

It is no secret with the climate changing at the fastest possible rate, the life-science industry is becoming responsible and sustainable. This is to say that the trend of the re-usable coverall is becoming more and more common especially in the pharmaceutical industry across the world. Now, even if the garments are re-usable, they are ultimately packed in plastic packages for their subsequent use. That’s where BeMicron Eco-Pack is very important which completely eliminates the need for plastic packaging. The fabric eco-pack pouch integrated with the garment replaces the traditional plastic packaging and guarantees that the product is wrapped in a safe, eco-friendly, and durable way. Thanks to the BeMicron unique & patented folding system and donning procedure, the coveralls can be easily removed without contaminating the outside of the garment. Particular attention was paid to the choice of materials: they are soft and resistant to multiple washing and/or sterilization cycles. They are available in two versions: for gamma or autoclave terminal sterilization.


  • The Eco-pack can be made available in any type of fabric and color. The standard fabric shares the same properties as that of re-usable garments giving them a longer life and better decontamination performance.
  • The Eco-pack comes with a zipper on the outside and a stud/button on the inside to hold the coverall in shape and provides ease while gowning the coverall.
  • The design of the Eco-pack is unique. This is to say that when the garment is worn by the operator, the integrated Eco-pack hides inside the coverall thereby making it invisible and eliminating any risk of contamination.   

Eco Pack


  • Reusability: The Eco-pack is highly re-usable with longer product life similar to other BeMicron coveralls and can support multiple types of sterilization.
  • Applications: The Eco-pack has been primarily designed for pharmaceutical companies but its use can be extended to any other industry and sector employing cleanrooms like Biotechnology, electronics, medical device manufacturing etc. In terms of different ISO classes and grades of the cleanroom, it fits perfectly in the majority of them.
  • Sustainable: It produces zero-waste and is a substitute to single-use plastic packaging. It’s an all-in-one solution to all re-usable coverall packaging. 

Technical Details

  • Gowning Details

Technical paper details:

  • High-quality cleanroom fabric:
    – Twill 3/2 – grid 5 mm x 5 mm
    – pore size 10-18 µm
    – Anti-static yarn
    – filtration efficiency > 95% 0,5 µm
  • High-quality cleanroom finishing (double seam – accessories available)
  • A perfectly smooth technical filtering wall, at both front and back, constitutes a veritable barrier against human contamination
  • High comfort for the wearer
  • The Ecopack bag, which contains the coverall, is perfectly closable using a high-quality zipper and stainless-steel buttons.

Sterilization details

Garment withstands several sterilization cycles, not depending on whether if gamma, ETO, or steam sterilization is applied.

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