Most Effective Home Remedies For Fever

Monday March 16, 2020 at 9:40 am

Fever is a part and parcel of life that can knock our doors anytime we expose our body to conditions that it finds intolerable. At times, it is an exertion that makes our body prey to fever and at times it is the flu that drives us to bed with high temperature. There are obviously medicines out there to get rid of the fever but there are some effective home remedies too that can help you combat fever without any intake of medicines. Here we are going to discuss some of these measures with you.

Use lukewarm water

It is suggested that to bring the fever down you should take a bath in lukewarm water. In no case should you make an attempt to lower the body temperature by jumping into a tub of cold water or having a cold water shower? You can also go in for taking a sponge bath laying focus on the armpits and groin using cool water. the other option to bathing is simply placing a cloth dipped in cool water on your forehead after regular intervals of time.

Drink tea

It is also suggested that to bring down the body temperature you should have a cup of yarrow tea. It is basically a herb that is capable of opening your pores thereby triggering the sweating that helps get rid of the fever. Simply add a tablespoon of herb to a cup of boiled water for at least 10 minutes. Allow it to cool down a little and then have it sip by sip. You will surely see the difference.

Use of spices

As soon as you find out that you are suffering from fever begin sprinkling cayenne pepper on food that you intake. One of the major components in cayenne pepper is capsaicin which is basically a very hot ingredient. It makes you feel sweatier and at the same time, it also promotes the rapid blood circulation which is good for you and your health.

Wet-sock treatment

One thing that you should surely try when you are suffering from fever is the wet-sock treatment. All you need to do is simply warm your feet in the hot water, followed by soaking a thin pair of cotton socks into the cold water. Next, you need to simply wring them out followed by slipping them on prior to finding your way to bed.

Using a cold wet sheet

Another tip that is basically an exaggeration to the above mentioned wet-sock treatment is to soak a sheet in the cold water and simply wrap yourself in this sheet. However, you ought to keep in mind that you have to use cool water and not extremely cold water taken out of the fridge.

All in all, these are some of the most common home remedies that help you fight against fever. However, consulting a doctor is always suggested even if you resort to following one of the home remedies.

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