Is Chana Dal good for Weight Loss?

Sunday December 19, 2021 at 3:13 pm

The chana dal is a staple food we can’t live without. It’s famous for its usage in Indian recipes. Chana dal is a nutritious legume found in chutney, vadas, dals, pancakes, halwas, and other dishes. This centuries-old legume has been extensively used in India from ancient times and is now abundantly farmed across the nation. It accounts for 45 to 50 per cent of India’s pulse output!

What are the advantages of chana dal in terms of health? It’s been around for a long time, and the health advantages must be the reason for that, right? Is chana dal good for weight loss? We’ll answer any of your questions and provide further information. Continue reading to know more!

Folic acid, manganese, iron, copper, and magnesium are abundant in chana dals. It has double the cereal protein, so consuming more of it keeps the body strong and healthy. It has been shown that consuming it daily lowers the risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease. Lentils are used to make besan flour, which is used in various desserts.

What is Chana Dal

Before we go into is chana dal good for weight loss or not, let’s look at some other questions. Let’s start with a definition of chana dal. Skinned and split chickpeas are used to make chana dal, a legume. It’s also known as tiny chickpeas, packed with nutrients. It’s also known as besan or chickpea flour when ground, and it’s quite popular in India. Moreover, you can also learn more about whether to drink coriander juice for weight loss or not.

Health Benefits of Chana Dal

Below are the following benefits of the Chana Dal:

Improved Cardiovascular Health

A chickpea-rich diet may lower harmful cholesterol in our bodies, according to the journal ‘Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism.’ This implies it may help reduce plaque buildup in our arteries, leading to heart disease.

Better Immunity, Stronger Muscles

Protein helps prevent muscle loss and loss of immunity, among other things. The protein content of chana dal is high (each cup contains about 7-8 percent of protein). The majority of dietitians stress the necessity of protein consumption.

Bones and teeth that are healthier

A cup of chana dal contains around 6% of the daily calcium requirement. Calcium is required for healthy bones and teeth. It may aid in preventing osteoporosis and the improvement of bone density. The outcomes of a study published in the journal ‘Clinical Interventions in Aging’ back this idea.

You may prevent cancer and other diseases using this supplement

Folate, or folic acid, is abundant in chana dal. According to the ‘National Institutes of Health,’ folate may aid in preventing illnesses such as cancer, stroke, dementia, and depression.

Aids in the treatment of type 2 diabetes

According to research published in the journal ‘Nutrients,’ the presence of fiber aids in the fight against type 2 diabetes. The fiber content of chana dal is high. Pulses with a low glycemic index, such as chana dal, do not induce a surge in blood sugar levels.

Is Chana dal good for Weight Loss

A very big YES that chana dal is good for weight loss. Following are the ways through which it plays a significant role in weight loss:

#1. Increases the feeling of fullness in the stomach:

One research published in the journal “Obesity” discovered that legumes such as chana dal might make you feel fuller for longer periods after eating them. In other words, you will consume fewer calories and will not overeat as a result. It gradually causes weight reduction without significantly changing your physical appearance.

#2. High in Fiber:

The link between fiber and weight reduction has long been established in our minds. According to research published in the journal ‘Nutrients,’ fiber is beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight. It also aids in the improved evacuation of waste from our intestines as a result of this. This dietary fiber may be found in abundance in chana dal.

#3. High in Healthy Fats:

Trans fats and saturated fats, both considered “bad fats” because they encourage weight gain, are found in many foods. However, healthy fats like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats account for around 70% of the fat content in chana dal. These will not cause you to gain weight but will instead aid in the improvement of your heart health and the support of other bodily processes such as anti-inflammation.

Nutrients in Chana Dal

Is chana dal good for weight loss? Looking at these dietary statistics might help you answer that question positively. Protein, mineral salts, carbs, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and vitamin C are all included in this dish. It has a lot of fiber. It has a low-fat content.

Chana Dal is produced in 90 million tons in India alone. It is used to replace roasted coffee and tea in several places. Blue dye is made from the leaves of these chickpeas. Moreover, if you are into veggies then you can go for tomato soup for weight loss in detail here!


The question, ‘Is chana dal good for weight loss?’ is finally answered. You now have access to a diet secret: chana dal for weight reduction. Make it a regular part of your diet to get the many health advantages. It may be eaten as a snack, in a boiled salad, as a main course dish, or as a dessert.

Show them this information the next time someone asks, “Is chana dal good for weight loss?” In little time, chana dal will make you healthy! Take a chance.


Q: Does chana dal make you gain weight?

A: However, ‘healthy fats’ like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats make for around 70% of the fat content in chana dal. These won’t make you gain weight; instead, they’ll assist you in improving your heart health and supporting other bodily processes such as anti-inflammation.

Q: Is chana dal harmful to one’s health?

A: No, it’s good for the heart. Baby chickpea is another name for chana dal. Chickpeas are high in fiber, which may help lower harmful cholesterol levels in the blood.

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