Benefits of Laughing

Sunday May 3, 2020 at 5:05 pm

There are many benefits of laughing. It helps to unite people in various ways that induce positive physical, psychological, and emotional improvements within the body. Laughing enhances the immune system, makes you happy inside and out, decreases discomfort, and keeps you from the adverse effects of stress. A good joke is enough to balance your mind and body.

Laugh helps in healing amongst other benefits of laughing. It strengthens your relationship with yourself and with others. Moreover, the fantastic thing is that laughter is a medicine that is entirely free and simple to use.  Here are some benefits of laughing.

Benefits of Laughing

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the stress’s most harmful side effects, and it is a significant risk factor for cardiac disease and stroke. According to many studies, researchers have found out that laughing has the power to bring down blood pressure. So if you are someone who wants to work on bringing down the levels of blood pressure, laugh! Engage yourself in something that makes you laugh.

Decrease Stress hormone levels

If you want to get rid of unnecessarily anxious and depressed mood, then laughing will help you out a lot with the same because laughing reduces the level of stress hormones, and thus it leaves a positive impact on your body.  Moreover, reducing stress hormones can contribute to better efficiency of the immune system. Nothing is better than a good laugh!

Boost T-cells

Laughing also helps in boosting T-cells. T-cells are different cells of the immune system; these cells wait in your body to get activated to fight off the bacteria or virus infecting the body.  When you chuckle, you trigger T-cells that start helping you fight off sickness right away. Thus, adding laughing to your daily habit will help you to stay protected by the help of T-cells.  

Act as a natural Anti-depressant

The effectiveness of laughter on reducing blood pressure and other ailments has contributed to a particular form of treatment known as “laughter yoga” or “laughter therapy.” Typically the laughter therapy involves “singing funny tracks, laughing for relaxation, smiling, playing with hands and dance movements, laughing activities, happy clapping, and laughing aloud.” It decreases depression and promotes mood development, as well as improves sleep.

Laughing enhances breathing

It turns out that a good session of intense belly laughter will contribute to elevated heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen consumption, which is identical to what occurs during exercise. The International Journal of Humor Research finds these improvements just last as long as the amusement itself, maybe you can skip the workout if you can laugh like that for 30 minutes to an hour.

Triggers the Endorphin Release

Endorphins are the natural pain relievers of the body. Laughing can help you produce endorphins, which will help you to relieve severe pain, and make you feel comfortable overall. Scientists found that the mere act of laughter will potentially make you experience less pain due to the feel-good endorphins emitted into your bloodstream and the deep breaths you are taking, which tend to calm your muscles. Why do you need pain killer medicines, when you can heal yourself by the release of natural painkillers of your body!

Improves Cardiac Health

Laughter is a fantastic cardio exercise, especially for those people who are not able to perform any other physical activity due to any injury or specific illness. Laughing keeps the heart going and burns the number of calories an hour as the number of calories gets burned while walking from a slow to moderate pace. So, it is good to laugh at your heart in health.

Clears your Mind

Researchers have observed that laughter can put the brain in a state where you can think more clearly. So if you need to clear your head to think clearly, watching a funny video is a good idea.

Better functioning of Blood Vessels

The function of the blood vessels is to carry blood across the body and to maintain it going correctly. When anxious, blood vessels may narrow, and blood flow decreases while research has shown that laughing does the reverse of it and expands the vessels, raising the blood volume that is circulating through the body.

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