Ways in which Cinnamon helps in weight loss

Saturday May 2, 2020 at 7:50 pm

Cinnamon, commonly known as chestnut or Dalchini, comes from the bark of the plant Cinnamomum zeylanicum belonging to the family of Lauraceae. It is useful in giving a pleasant smell and making the dish spicier. But, instead of using it in cooking, there are in much rich in medicinal characteristics. Yes, the heading you just read is 100% correct, if you are thinking to lose some weight using some home remedies, then Cinnamon can be much helpful for you to do so.

Uses of Cinnamon in losing weight

  1. Drink cinnamon tea:- It is simple to prepare cinnamon tea, you can do make it by boiling cinnamon stick or powder with water. Also, don’t forget to add lemon and honey for taste. It acts on the body by melting the cholesterol deposits and thus helps you to lose weight. You can consume it thrice in a week to see the result.
  2. Adding it to juices:- Drinking fluids plays a significant role in lowering weight. Adding cinnamon powder on your juices will make the sauce tastier as well as add some medicinal obesity, reducing value to your body. You can sprinkle cinnamon powder while drinking orange or apple juice.
  3. Drink Cinnamon water:- If you are not able to make juices due to any reason, then you can go for its alternative my making cinnamon water. You can prepare it by adding some cinnamon stick in water and boiling it for 10 minutes. Drink it while it is warm for better results. The best time for making it is before going to sleep at night.
  4. Cooking it with rice:- You can add some cinnamon stick while boiling rice at the time if making food. Doing this will bring all the essential chemical constituents to your rice. It will also add some tasty flavor while eating. 
  5. Mix it with cereal bowl:- Eating cereal bowl is the one the most nutritional breakfast. Add some sticks with the cereals at night and eat it in the morning. 
  6. Oatmeal:- If you are taking oatmeals, then you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder on it and mix properly to get benefited about its weight loss the property. It brings some rich pungent flavors to the taste, so use it as little as your requirement.

It helps to lose weight by the following actions in the body:-

  • Alter blood glucose level:- Cinnamon helps to lose weight by altering the blood glucose level in the body and melting the fat deposit in the body.
  • Increase insulin level:- Cinnamon can boost the insulin level in the body, so glucose gets rapidly metabolized from the body, and it has to more about of work for maintaining the metabolism process. It thus utilizes unnecessary fatty acids for using energy and help in losing the weight.
  • Lower down the level of cholesterol:- Low-density cholesterol usually gets deposited in the wall of arteries. It can low down these Triglycerides levels, thereby helping us in losing some belly fat.

The Adverse effects

Before you plan to lose weight,  be sure about your diseased state and take it under physician guidance.

  • Increased heart rate:– Cardiac patients should not take Cinnamon as it cleans the arterial fat so enhance the functioning of the heart.
  • Liver disease:- Cinnamon chemical is a little hepatotoxicity, so it may have chances for causing liver diseases if taken in high dose is consumed.
  • Nausea:- As it’s flavor is the same as that of chili, you may feel like vomiting.
  • Low blood sugar:- It meltdown cholesterol, so it is best for only diabetic patients not for healthy patients.
  • Heating of the body:- The body release heat in the process of metabolism of fatty acids.
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