How to stay Healthy as you grow old

Wednesday October 9, 2019 at 7:38 am

As a person begins to age, taking care of health and fitness becomes even more imperative. Improving your habits to fit into a healthy lifestyle should be the sole focus. Here is how you can stay healthy even as you age:

Stay physically active

Exercise regularly but do not strain your body too much. A sedentary lifestyle will make you obese. If you sit for too long, it will be bad for your health. So exercise as it will also reduce the risk of heart disease, maintain proper blood pressure and a healthy weight. It will also prevent other diseases common with old age.

Stay socially active

While physical exercise will keep you physically healthy, being socially active will help your mental health. Meet with friends and family, engage in conversations. Social interaction can ease the mind and make you feel relaxed. Go on a walk with your friends in the evening and talk about different matters.

Be aware of your body conditions

Get regular medical check-ups and be aware of what your body is going through. If you have a specific problem, work towards targeting that. With old age, the metabolism slows down so you will have hormonal changes and will also need to keep a control on your diet.

Watch your sleep

As your body ages, the need to rest your body and mind increases. Lack of sleep can impact your hormones and may lead you to the craving for unhealthy food. Not having proper sleep can trigger many other problems besides leaving you are tired and irritated.

Relax more

Go traveling somewhere or take up a hobby you had left when you were young. Minimize stress as much as you can and have a proper routine for everything. Do not forget your pills if you are on medication and learn meditation techniques or Yoga to keep you healthy.

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