How Do I Manage My Medications?

Saturday October 12, 2019 at 7:45 am

While managing your medication, the organisation is the key. It is very easy to forget to take your pill occasionally but sometimes missing a dose can impact your health badly. As such, managing medication has been made so much easier by new technology. This is how you can manage:

Use a Daily Pill Organizer

There are many pill organizers available in the market and you can have your daily dose of medication organized in it. It has different compartments for different pills and to help you remember which pill is for what, you can have a dosage schedule.

Create a Dosing Schedule Chart

Have a chart for all the medication. Prioritize the one you are supposed to take daily and add the physical description of the medication along with its name and what it is for. You can either make the chart on paper or have an excel file that you can print later.

Use a Medication App

In the digital age, it would be stupid not to take the help of technology. Use your smartphone or tablet to download a medication app and feed your medication schedule in it. You can also put in reminders when you have to take the medicine.

Stay up to date

Keep checking your prescription label from time to time to see the expiration date of the medicines and also when you would need to get a refill for it. Make sure to plan a refill a week before so you do not have to miss any dose.

Set reminders

Along with setting daily reminders for your medicine, also set up an approximate reminder for the refill of medication. If the refill is not available, call your doctor beforehand and be in touch with your pharmacist about it.

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