Hypertension: Symptoms & Remedies

Monday May 18, 2020 at 9:50 am

Hypertension is a lifelong chronic disease which is commonly known as high blood pressure. If not cured, it can be life-threatening and can cause fatal diseases like; heart attack and heart stroke. The article speaks about hypertension and its symptoms and remedies.

How does it affect your heart?

Hypertension can affect your artery walls for years before you can even realize something is happening. The constant increase in pressure forces your artery walls to get damaged.

How will you know if you have hypertension or not?

In most cases, people start to have hypertension but don’t show any signs and symptoms of hypertension until it becomes severe. So after the age of 18, you should always check your blood pressure once in a year or two years.

The blood pressure above 140/90 shows that you have mild hypertension, and it can get controlled. The blood pressure above 180/120 shows that you have severe hypertension and need to get advised by your doctor for medication.


There are no actual symptoms for your high blood pressure. Even when you have hypertension for years, you still cannot show any signs until it causes you some health issues. It’s also the reason why the doctor advised each person after the age of 18 to 40. To get their Blood pressure checked once every year.

Types of hypertension

Primary and Secondary hypertension is the types of hypertension

Primary hypertension

In this type of hypertension, blood pressure starts to get worse with time. It is the blood pressure that will turn from mild to severe blood pressure throughout the years. The primary hypertension patient needs to have a proper diet, medication, and exercise.

Secondary hypertension

In this type of hypertension, the blood pressure level often rises because of some medical conditions or taking medication.


You may take the following precautions to control hypertension.

  • Diet: Eat food with less salt. Eating excessive or even average amounts of salt can raise your blood pressure level.
  • Exercise: Exercises can help you get healthier, and it can also help you with controlling your high blood pressure.
  • Medication: If diet and exercise don’t work, then you can take the help of different kinds of medicines by consulting your doctor.
Home remedies


Exercising every day is the most effective and natural way in which a person can control his blood pressure level.


Eating food with less fat, vegetables, vitamins, potassium, and whole-grain can result in controlling your blood pressure level. Also, every person that has blood pressure should avoid eating processed food, salt, and dairy products.

Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are harmful to a person that has high blood pressure. The person that smokes and drinks with high blood pressure are the ones that get heart attacks and strokes quite quickly.

Keep your calm

Most of the time, blood pressure increases, with an increase in stress.. So meditation and other exercises that can help you keep calm are recommended during hypertension.

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