Healthy Breakfast : Some great recommendations

Saturday June 29, 2019 at 11:41 am

India is a country with diverse culture and language. And when it comes to food, the diversity remains constant with the perfect essence of mouth-watering taste. But then with growing complications in our health, we often tend to switch to boiled foods and compensate for the taste factor. However, it’s not that difficult to combine the element of health with delicacies. After all, being healthy should never be a boring task for minor tweaks in food habits to make major changes. Therefore, here is a list of 8 healthy breakfast which is equally amazing to taste.

  1. Vegetable Dalia:

    Vegetable Dalia is a superfood for weight loss and cholesterol control that is an easy option for breakfast. Add some colorful veggies including the vital green ones to make it look quirky. Not to mention, vegetables not only give it a good taste but make your food ten times healthier. Veg Dalia is a great substitute to oily parathas and equally delicious. Start your mornings with the eccentric dish of Dalia.

  2. Upma :

    This phenomenal South Indian food is loved by most Indians for its amazing taste and health factor. As it is prepared with semolina, this has a great amount of proteins and fibers and can give you energy all day long. You can try it with sambar, an antioxidant-rich curry which further enhances the taste factor.

  3. Thepla:

    This Gujrati dish is underrated for many good reasons. A lot of us think it has a lot of carbs in it and not a very healthy option for breakfast. Therefore, we are here to debunk this myth. Theplas are prepared with wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves and turmeric powder. All these ingredients are health gems for our body and is a perfect breakfast for health-conscious people. It is not only a favorite food of the food lovers but beats the health factor like no other dish.

  4. Sprouts Salad

    Sprouts Salads prepared with tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots are one of highest
    protein content foods excellent for pregnant women and children. They are packed with all the good
    nutrients like proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals essential for increasing your metabolism and
    overall health. You can add boiled eggs or bananas as a side dish to make it a wholesome breakfast.

  5. Poha :

    The Maharashtrian specialty is extremely rich in essential carbs, proteins, fibers, and minerals. Due to the addition of chilies and peanuts, it brings in the perfect crunch for you to gulp down and satisfy your Indian appetite. Especially if you are on your weight loss journey, this dish can do wonders to your body. This is also a very good option for people who suffer from skin dullness.

  6. Paneer Bhurji :

    For vegetarians, extracting the protein requirements from your food habits can be a difficult task. Therefore, this magic dish of Paneer bhurji is the best way to fulfill it. You can include your favorite vegetables and savor it with a roti or bread. Having this for brunch will help you stay full for a longer period of time, undoubtedly.

  7. Masala omelet: All the egg lovers, this dish is for you. Needless to say, eggs are the epitome of cardinal nutritional values. They have essential carbs, proteins, vitamins and fibers in them. And when you add some veggies and mushrooms to them for that quirky taste, it can do wonders not only to your health but also your taste buds. Add some milk and butter while stirring the egg mixture to give it a fluffy consistency and further add to its tastiness. This is a fuller dish and can go all day long to fulfill your appetite for the day
  8. Idli Sambar: As the combo has the perfect combination of carbs, proteins, fats, fiber and vitamins & minerals, idli sambhar is a great dish that is counted on the list of healthy breakfast options. So, if you get too bored of morning smoothies or cereal-milk, then here is a good replacement for you.
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