10 Simple and Easy Tips so that you can Sleep Faster

Saturday May 28, 2022 at 5:55 pm

Theoretically, all people are supposed to spend roughly one-third of their lifetime sleeping. That may vary greatly, as babies sleep a lot while older adults sleep very little. Yet, one is expected to have at least eight hours of sleep usually. Unfortunately, this simple bedtime is met with a number of challenges. One such challenge is when one is spending several long, long minutes in the bed while waiting to fall asleep, and one gets the impression that one is wasting one’s time while still ending up only more restless.

10 Simple Tips for sleeping faster anytime

If the reader, too, is struggling to fall asleep in a fast manner, the following tips are likely to help them a great deal.:

1. One should try to reduce the body and room temperature while falling asleep.

Our body tends to find it easy to relax at lower temperatures (mainly at a temperature of around 18 degrees celsius). Thus setting one’s room temperature lower can help one sleep better. Taking a shower before going to sleep is another thing that can help.

2. One should try to keep to a routine.

It is much easier to fall asleep if one sticks to a good, healthy routine day after day. The body has a circadian rhythm of its own – and will learn to start relaxing more easily when one goes to bed at the same time every day.

3. Daylight and darkness both play a role.

Another thing that affects the circadian rhythm is the amount of light the body gets exposed to. Exposure to sunlight can help one stay alert during the day, whereas one should always switch off lights when going to sleep as the darkness allows the body to produce the necessary hormones for relaxing.

4. One should exercise during the day.

Exercising during the day is another thing that can help one sleep faster—exercising exhausts one physically, which makes the body seek rest. Given that several modern jobs require minimal physical effort, the body may not feel tired enough to go to sleep otherwise. An hour or two, some simple brisk walking or another cardiovascular exercise can do the trick.

Also, check out our article on food that helps you sleep and eat food/ fruits accordingly for better sleep.

5. One should avoid looking at the clocks.

It is natural to keep looking at clocks to determine how much time one may already have wasted trying to fall asleep. Only this very activity tends to increase the anxiety, which may be exactly what was keeping one from falling asleep in the first place.

6. One should avoid caffeine.

Another important tip for those trying to fall asleep is to avoid caffeine. Caffeine tends to make the human body more alert and active and is known to fight off sleep; thus, one should avoid it while going to sleep.

7. One should make oneself comfortable.

One of the essential tips for sleeping faster is to ensure that one is as comfortable as possible; if there is something wrong with the bedsheets, pillows, etc., this may affect one’s sleep more than one may be willing to admit.

8. One should avoid taking naps.

While occasional naps during the daytime are a good thing, if one can avoid them, it will in the night when one is trying to fall asleep faster.

9. One should try writing or reading.

Writing is one of the activities to release all the thoughts that might be running around in one’s brain. Keeping a journal just before going to bed can help one clear one’s head and thus sleep better. Similarly, reading can help one sleep better, too – but only in the case of handbooks and notebooks. If one must read ebooks, one should at least use a blue-ray filter for the same.

10. One should eat meals at regular intervals.

The times of the meals and the sleeping time are pretty connected to the body’s rhythm. If one is used to sleeping two hours after dinner, then it is easy to sleep at that hour if one takes meals at regular intervals. It is important to note that sleeping problems may also be caused by changes in the sleeping environment, stress, depression, anxiety, etc. If that is the case, the reader is advised to take corrective action accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Why should I avoid using the mobile phone before going to bed?

Answer: Mobile phones and other electric devices with screens emit blue lights that can affect one’s sleep as these rays suggest to the brain that it is still not time to sleep. One should thus reduce the use of mobile or set the phone to use a blue-ray filter to help oneself sleep better. Screentime should be kept limited even during the day, and one can use the ‘Digital wellbeing’ apps for the purpose, while one can use parental controls to ensure that children will follow these rules.

Question: What should I do while waiting to fall asleep?

Answer: One should switch off lights as well as mobile phones as soon as one intends to sleep and lie in bed. One should avoid doing anything on mobile after turning the lights off except perhaps playing relaxing music. If it is taking way too long to sleep, then it is better to turn on the lights again and wait for the time when one can fall asleep again.

Question: Am I really not sleeping fast enough?

Answer: It is essential to know that the problem is real and not imaginary. As one may imagine, one is taking longer than one really to fall asleep.

Question: Should I take sleeping pills to fall asleep?

Answer: Taking the sleeping pills is the measure of last resort that one should only consider after one has tried everything – and even then, sleeping pills should only be taken on the advice of one’s physician and only in strictly limited doses.

Wrapping up

One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding that sleep is vital for the human body and that it is necessary to have quality sleep every day. The above tips can help the reader sleep better. If they are still struggling to sleep well, they should consult a doctor.

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