Depression & its symptoms

Monday June 1, 2020 at 12:25 pm

Depression is a hard term to express or define in just a few words. Fortunately, to determine if one is suffering from depression needs you to look for just a few signs.

Disturbed sleep pattern

Depression can impact your sleep in two ways. Either you begin to suffer insomnia or from hypersomnia. At times you find it hard to sleep soundly at definite hours of the day.

Mood swings

Constantly keeping the brain functioning with things that bother you causes fluctuations in your mood. At times it results in sudden outbursts. Trying to hide your feelings can result in suffocation.

Inferiority complex

People suffering from depression feel as if the entire universe is conspiring against them. These thoughts further trigger depression. With the passage of time, they begin to blame themselves for all those things that go wrong with them which exacerbates the inferiority complex. It is this inferiority complex that builds a vicious circle of pessimism in their lives.

Losing interest in hobbies

Your brain and your heart ought to be in a sink so that you can enjoy diverse delights of life. However, when in depression you don’t get to maintain this balance. Entertainment in any form does no longer charms you. You get to experience sadness even in activities that you usually love doing. The person suffering from depression tends to boycott events, parties, and also their hobbies.

Fatigued all the time

When in depression, the person tends to feel this air of unsaid tiredness in mind, in heart, and even in body. It is not the laborious work that causes this fatigue but the negative thoughts as well as overthinking. A sedentary lifestyle that you fall into makes the body and mind lethargic thus exhausting you completely. 

Anxiety is a part of life

Anxiety and depression are members of the same genre. Fear makes you anxious while anxiety can be a potential cause of depression. Irrespective of how it goes, the pinpoint is that it indicates depression.

Eating in extremes

While in depression, a person gets to experience food intake habits that are poles apart or say in extremes. Either you binge eat or avoid food consumption at all. The fluctuations in mood cause these food intake alterations.

Behavioral changes

The only feeling that a depressed person experiences or knows is fury, crying, irritability and all this is without any reason to back feeling this way. all these feelings are not under the control of a person. The consistent influence of negativity and guilt causes a change in the behavior of a person that is beyond the control of an individual. You can either find people suffering from depression laughing loudly at petty things or crying out of the emotional mess. In some cases you find people doing both simultaneously.

Harming oneself

Pessimism, anxiety, and facing irregular happenings, these three parameters compel one to consider if giving up on life could be a better option to get rid of all this. Hurting oneself seems to be a potential solution for everything. 

 Slave to drugs and alcohol

Slipping into drugs is one way of getting rid of the depressive illness. Other than this, people fall prey to excessive alcohol consumption. Risky behaviors and hazardous tasks are a one-stop solution for escaping rejection as well as dejection.

There are millions of people around us who are suffering from depression and we fail to understand. However, keeping in mind these few indicators can be of great help in determining the same.

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