11 Healthy Gifting options for this Friendship day

Thursday July 30, 2020 at 6:33 am

Do you have a health freak buddy? Is fitness their favorite hobby? Someone who is fussy about diet meals and leafy salads over junk food. Or a green tea lover who keeps convincing people about the excellent benefits of yoga. Detox and KETO diets followed by loads of gym workouts and nature walks are their passion. Yes, that’s your fitness buddy who overwhelms when you give them a morning walk company. This friendship day, try to surprise them with healthy gifts that retain their good habits, and they would remember you each day!

Healthy gifts are bliss for fitness-obsessed people who enjoy gym trips and restrict unhealthy meals happily. A small nut of health to them is delightful and thoughtful. Friendship day is not just about displaying trendy bands or chunky gifts and big parties with friends but a lot more than that. If you value the relationship, it is essential to portray the right gesture with intense emotions. Gifting health is an excellent choice that could make your buddy remember this day for a lifetime. 

Let’s peek into the best healthy gift options for this friendship day:

  • Fruit Infuser Bottle on friendship day

    Hydration is an integral part of good health. Intake of more liquids can assure a better digestive system. But water consumption the whole day can be quite dull. A good fruit infuser bottle can be a perfect choice for this purpose. Your best buddy could make the regular water enjoyable with lemon, mint leaves, or some natural fruit juice to give an interesting variation. Its refreshing, healthy, and full of nutrients. Your friend would remember you with every sip and carry it along to the home, office, or workouts. 

  • Muscle shaped coffee mug-

    Do you have a substantial masculine friend who flatters the girls with an eye-popping physique? Green tea or coffee is a standard beverage that most people like. For a hard rock dude, what could be a better option than a big muscle coffee mug that gels well with their personality? Surely it would become the favorite beverage drinking mug of your friend and take 1st position in their shelf. Its attractive 3D design and precise shape is an inspiration to gym beasts. 

  • Exercising Cord-

    Long hours at the office or library are daunting and lead to neck sprains. A perfect gift for such hard-working friends is an exercise cord that facilitates better stretching and stress release. It helps in intensive workout sessions and even for a small warm-up to relax for a while. This is a fantastic friendship day gift that is useful and cool.

  • Protein shaker bottle-

    Health freaks love to gain energy with branded protein powders and charge up themselves between workout sessions. After having an intense cardio session, few sips of protein shake revitalizes the body. If they are in a rush for office after the workout and tend to skip breakfast, this protein shaker bottle can get them an energy dose within minutes. This bottle can blend the pesky powder with water or milk, and they can take it in one go. It’s a great way to stay close to them irrelevant of how long you have not met. 

  • Pill organizers-

    Well, friendship day is a celebration of the bond between friends, parents, siblings, or anyone you have a deep relationship with. If you have any elderly well-wishers or parents who stay apart from you and skip their necessary pills, this pill organizer can be a savior. It does not just aid them in remembering the medicines but also organizes the day-wise tablets to avoid any fuss. It simplifies the process for them and becomes an ideal present for that matter. Now your close one does not have to fumble between several strips to find the right pill and gather the mess again. 

  • Water bottle in Dumbbell shape-

    Efficient design and way of this water bottle is a treat for friends who are fond of the gym and can flaunt their love with a new style. We bet they would not spare this bottle anywhere they go after using it a couple of times. 

  • Home fitness gears-

    Is your friend dedicated to a healthy regime but fails to step out for some reason? Get a small home gym for them with the gifting of equipment and things that make them feel happy. Yoga mats, cords, fitness DVD’s and wristbands are a few things that can amaze the health buddy. You might have to go the extra mile to check they are utilizing the equipment effectively or not. 

  • Gym Membership-

    Well, this can be a good option for friends with a reasonable budget on Friendship day! If you have a BFF whom you love wholeheartedly and spend a good chunk to express your gratitude, gifting a gym membership is a great move. Now they cannot spare the workout sessions that they might be awaiting for quite long. You can also get a gym membership for both of you and grab the fitness goals faster. It could also allow you some good ‘we time.’ 

  • Running shoes

    Good quality branded running shoes is every runner’s delight. If you have an athlete friend who loves to participate in marathons and walkathons, it is a great option. After all, a good pair of shoes is the best thing to gift a weight loss freak. Someone struggling to shed a few kgs can get in shape with suitable refreshing jogging activities and walks. But you must be a close buddy to know their shoe size as well!

  • Sportswear-

    If your BFF already owns all the above list, this is something you cannot regret buying. Trendy sportswear like a workout tee or gym pant is definitely worth a purchase. Who won’t like to upgrade their sports wardrobe with the latest fashion choices? With a wide variety of options accessible for colors and styles from leading fitness brands, selecting the best piece might be tricky. Prefer online shopping if you do not wish to hop at various stores to get the best bit. 

  • Smartwatch-

    It wins the title of ‘Trendiest Friendship day’ gift these days. Constant monitoring of your steps and health is now possible without any hassle. Smartwatch not just displays the right time but also acts as a fitness monitor. Devices from top brands are available in the market, and you can click the right options. 

Final words

You can also make something on your own and customize the perfect friendship day gift for your closest friend. Preparing a homemade protein bar is a thoughtful choice that can express your gesture and connect to their hearts. Everyone loves when the gifts are personalized and thoughtful. With a handful of ingredients like seeds, raisins, honey, dates, and nuts, you can make a healthy protein bar that settles your weight-conscious friend’s sweet cravings. Opting for health-based gifts to surprise your friend can give a deeper meaning and strength to your relation. The warmth of love, compassion, and care is something new age relations lack, and gifting such things encourages the connection and boosts the friendship. Counting on such unique healthy gifts is undoubtedly a win-win deal for your friendship!

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