Pharma Franchise is the backbone of the Indian Pharmaceutical market

Thursday August 6, 2020 at 10:28 am

Have you recently heard a lot about Pharma Franchise? The reason for this is the increase in growth amongst the Pharmaceutical sector in Indian. Distinct countries from throughout the globe have eyes on India to meet their drug requirements. Scope for small level entrepreneurs within the country is also multiplying manifestly. These small entities are developing into the Pharma Industry’s backbone and contributing to the national economy as well. Let’s ponder the significant reasons why the Franchise business is trending in the country’s Pharma sector. 

What is Pharma Franchise or PCD Pharma Franchise? 

Big Pharma companies bestow the rights for marketing and distribution of their generics to the PCD franchise holders. PCD (Propaganda-cum-distribution) is a channel through which the supply chain and networking of the Pharma business relate to remotest areas. The person or a group handling the Pharma Franchise is responsible for the promotion and sale of goods to the Pharmaceutical Company. They receive a commission share on the total amount of sales done by them by the company. Company benefits as it can curtail the expenses on advertising and promotional material. Customers are happy as they get easy availability of generic and branded medicines without wandering here and there. It is a win-win deal for the entire network. 

Advantages to Pharmaceutical Industry from PCD Pharma Franchise

There are several lucrative benefits due to which big companies promote and support small franchise owners. Few of them are as follows:

  • Timely delivery of important drugs to the dedicated region.
  • No scarcity of medicines in the market due to extensive distribution options.
  • A large number of people are gaining opportunities to be entrepreneurs that otherwise remain a dream for many.
  • Companies can well-establish their name and brand image through this popular means of networking channel. Better industry prospects and high earnings serve as a major goal. 
  • Above all, it supports Government initiatives to allow good health at affordable rates to people all across the country. 

How to pick the right Pharma Company?

The selection of a good Pharma Company is vital if you want to make huge returns. For a successful business venture, staying cautious with the selection of Pharma Company matters a lot. It will help if you take hold of several aspects before taking up a PCD Pharma Franchise. Any small negligence from your end could ruin the wonder game. A good background check of the Pharma Company and finding its stakeholders’ list can reveal the genuineness of the business. Important aspects before selection of a reliable Pharma Company goes as follows:

  • The business of drugs and generics is a risk. If you mistakenly end up distributing defective or inferior quality drugs, your reputation and career can be at stake. Be vigilant about the company’s discrepancies about the type of products they use to prepare every medicine. Quality is an important criterion. 
  • Ask them about the parameters for the quality-check of their products. 
  • If you get the franchise of an already declining business, it is valueless. Always prefer collaboration with a profitable venture to avail of good outcomes from your work. 
  • Avoid a newbie in the market. Prefer any established unit that is already serving the market from at least 5 to 6 years. 
  • A quick search about the goodwill and reputation of the company chosen by you also matters. 
  • good customer service support aids in solving half of your problems. If you end up in any complaints and queries to the company, there must be an easy option to reach them. 
  • Check for the documentation of the company makes sense before getting into any legal terms with them. 
  • Picking up a good Pharma Company can add value to all your efforts.

Once you have made a pick for the Pharma company, do not fail to get the free goodies like Visual aid, Catalogues, Reminder cards, bags, Brochures, writing pads, and Business cards. All this enhances the brand image of the company, so it is given complimentary. After understanding the process of taking up a Pharma Franchise, it will be simpler for you to determine its significance and role in encouraging the younger market players.

Role of Pharma Franchise in boosting the growth of the Pharmaceutical market

With due permission from Pharmaceutical Company, PCD Pharma Franchise owners promote and boost medical products in the outside market. From the last few years, the Indian Pharma Industry witnessed an ergonomic growth in the economic benefits. Changing trends in the selling techniques of medicines and the urge of people to avail the best quality drugs charged up the whole system. India’s government also played a major part in allowing the market players to boost Pharma Franchise across the country. 

Top reasons why Pharma Franchise is powering the Indian Pharmaceutical sector enormously

  • Controlling the market monopoly of huge Pharma Companies- Big entities possess all the resources and funds to conquer the market conditions. It can easily beat the small start-ups when it comes to promotion and branding on major platforms. This creates a misbalance in the market. Big companies reap huge profits and grow wider while the prospects for small enterprises go at stake. The market competition is getting tough, and so is the sustainability of the new entrants. 

With the new Pharma Franchise model, the misconception that small and medium-sized Pharma Companies have a lower growth rate is vanishing away. Through small networking, they can develop and nurture a better relationship with the medical professionals and the distributors. Word of mouth by the local healthcare system can eradicate any stereotype image of the big companies. Thus, this model works great with the small business owners profitably. 

  • Supply chains to the country lead to better prospects- Pharmaceutical Industry In India is earning a whopping revenue of $50 billion out of which the 48% income comes out of the retail sector. This sector owns an overall supply chain of more than 6,00,00 distribution outlets, and it is increasing at a great pace. Indian records a new high in the Pharma revenue, and exports are booming up each day. Bulk production of generics has put the country in a great place to conquer world markets as well. Pharma giants divert their workloads to these Pharma Franchise in the country so that they can concentrate on getting some huge global business. Market competition in India’s Pharma sector is huge, and only competitive models can hold the place now. These facts are enough to signify the need for and profitability of Franchise business in the country. As the country is scorching a high revenue through this sector, its contribution to National growth is also a vital aspect. 


The whole crux of this write-up is to signify the prospect of Pharma Franchise model and how it enables the whole Pharma sector to wipe off the conventional hues. Pharmaceutical Industry has always been conventional with its marketing approaches, but Pharma Franchise got them to a virtual platform at a great speed. In search of the right professionals for this purpose, small and medium-sized businesses are hunting to build contacts and solve queries. As a result of which many Pharma portals are updating them with the latest market trends. They serve as a common platform where even the smallest Pharma enthusiasts and gain information and share the same. In the years to come ahead, Pharma Franchise would be the new face of the Pharma sector, and it might endorse prospects globally.

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