How Clove is the best home remedy for a toothache? 

Sunday April 12, 2020 at 7:45 am

One of the most common problems that all of us come across once in life, if not more, is a toothache. It is more common among kids than adults. Though the eventual solutions to most of the tooth problems remain to pluck the tooth out by visiting the dentist, this is however not possible and feasible in every situation. Sometimes, the problem is not that big but a concern as toothache implies cavity in the mouth. There are plenty of home remedies also that comes as a blessing to combat toothache that has the potential to adversely impact our daily routine. Having painkillers can also be a solution to his problem but one thing that you need to note here is that this solution is temporary.

The painkillers can surely help you get rid of the toothache for the moment but the root cause of the pain is still there that causes toothache again a few days later. In such a case what can be the best toothache remedy at home?

Clove: A natural painkiller

The answer to the above question is clove essential oil. Unlike painkillers that can cause allergy to few people and side effects owing to the high concentration of benzocaine and anesthesia, clove has no side effects. For time immemorial, people all around the world have been making use of clove. It has acted as a natural painkiller for ages helping to eliminate the toothache as well as sore gums. 

Functions like benzocaine

A lot of recent studies support the fact that cloves function the way, benzocaine does in order to numb the toothache. Cloves being highly anti-oxidants in nature are of great help at eliminating any sort of bacteria that builds up on sore gums as well as teeth thereby helping to keep the mouth clean plus healthy. It is the presence of benzocaine in clove that helps it act as a natural painkiller directly on nerve ending, helping to calm all the sensations.

Perks of eugenol

Another magical component that the clove has is eugenol. This component helps in the circulation of blood enhancing the human body’s cardiovascular system.  In addition to this, it has manganese content that boosts the metabolism apart from strengthening the bones. 

How to use clove for toothache

You can use clove in multiple ways to get rid of toothache.

Using clove and coconut oil mixture

To a small quantity of coconut oil add 2 to 3 drops of clove oil and mix it thoroughly. With the help of cotton, you can then apply it on the tooth where you experience pain. Allow the fully soaked cotton in clove oil and coconut oil mixture to rest on the affected area for some time. Once you feel the numbness you can spit the cotton.

Directly applying clove

You simply need to take cloves and then place these between the teeth on the area that is affected. Keep in mind that you do not have to chew it. this is a comparatively simple method requiring less effort.

Not only does clove help in getting rid of the toothache besides sore gums, but these are also a rich source of medicinal value offering diverse other benefits. The antibacterial properties that clove has to make it an active ingredient in most of the top-selling toothpaste around the world. The addition of salt to the clove offers great relief from inflammation. So, next time your toothaches you are well aware of what to do. You must always have a good supply of clove and clove oil at your house so that you need not panic when you sense a toothache.

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