Sunday December 1, 2019 at 8:19 am

All brands, whether it is in the fashion industry or the healthcare industry use promotional products to make their brand known. The difference is that with healthcare industries, it is a lot harder to choose the right product. Traditional promotional items like mugs and water bottles have become too mainstream. Moreover, you would much rather want items that specifically highlight the healthcare industry.

You can hand out these items at your healthcare center. Here are some promotional items you can customize to your liking:

  1. Branded Tote Bag

The world is already moving against plastic. If you gift tote bags whether made of cotton or Jute to your patients, with your brand name printed on it, it will help them carry prescriptions, water bottles, and medicines while they realize that your company cares about the environment. Branded Tote bags are great products for healthcare company promotion.

  1. Custom Digital Thermometer

Use customized clear cases for thermometers and have your logo on it to promote your brand. Using custom Digital Thermometers in your physician’s office or keeping it as giveaways in the waiting room is a good idea for brand promotion.

  1. Promotional Medicine Bottle Opener

The medicine Bottle opener is very helpful for elderly patients and those who have arthritis since they have trouble opening the different varieties of medicine bottles. Medicine Bottle openers are small in size and very cost-effective.

  1. 7-day Pill case

Mini Pill cases help patients keep track of their daily doses. Pill cases are great promotional products because it is something used regularly by the patient and it is a product that they always carry around.

  1. Mini Tissue Pack

Stamp your brand name on tissues and give away mini tissue packs. These are products that will be in use through the year and everyone needs tissues for one thing or the other. It is a useful product and since cold and flu patients keep coming in, it will expose your brand to a wide target customer base.

  1. Branded Pocket First Aid Kit

Red-cross events, healthcare group activities, and medical camps are great places to give away Pocket First Aid Kits with your Brand logo on them. You can also have a bit bigger first aid kits for people to keep in their cars.

  1. Custom Dental Kit

You can send dental kits to various dentists to keep it in their clinic or give it away. Dental Kits are cheap and great for promotion. A dental kit can just be made up of toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash, all with the brand name printed on them. Or you can just put the logo on the box of the dental kit and add lip balm and plastic mint card to the kit as well.

  1. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel

Again, a sanitizer is something people carry with them all the time. So an antibacterial hand sanitizer with your brand name on the bottle will not only prevent germs but also be an eye-catching product. Their portability makes it suitable for brand promotion.

Some other products that can be used are Branded Stethoscope ID Tag, Promotional Bandage Dispenser and Customised Prescription Bag.