The Dark Side Of Intense Workout Like Marathons

Wednesday April 15, 2020 at 8:36 am

Exercising has always been credited with making our body fit and healthy. However, Intense workout has at times impact the health adversely. One such activity that is known to put a lot of pressure on the human body thereby making it vulnerable to diverse health problems is a marathon.  By running a marathon you expose your body to physical exertion and deprive your body of proper breath and water intake for a lot of time. To date you have heard just the perks of running a marathon but today we are going to address the negatives of running a marathon that will force you to reconsider your decision of running the next marathon.

Adverse impact on heart

Endurance running is known to have some negative impacts on your heart in the long run. Studies have shown that running a marathon decreases the right and left ventricle function, known to work together in order to pump blood to your body, that too within 48 hours after having completed the marathon. Researchers have also noticed general swelling in your heart which eventually reduces the flow of blood. It is also known to cause arrhythmia which in layman terms is known as irregular heartbeat. It can also cause the heart muscle to become enlarged as well as thick again leading to irregular heartbeats. 

Adverse impact on kidneys

Running a marathon is known to have an adverse impact on the normal functioning of the kidneys also. Michigan’s William Beaumont Hospital conducted a study that shows runners can suffer from acute kidney injury having run a marathon. It has been noticed that the injury as well as the inflammation after running a marathon is similar to that faced after the cardiac surgery or when a person is in the ICU.

Detrimental impact on joints and muscles

One of the most common impacts of running a marathon is ravaged joints as well as shredded muscles. In addition to this it also causes chafing. Even if you do light or heavy exercises at times it may result in pain in the joints and muscles. Thus, having run a marathon is obviously going to bother your joints and muscles negatively.

Adverse impact on immunity

Running a marathon is known to have an adverse impact on the immunity of your body. Your immune systems suffer a lot due to the impact that marathon has on your body. Thus you need to be cautious of these long runs.

Other impacts

Apart from the above mentioned adverse impacts that running a marathon can have on your health, there are some other side effects also. One of the effects is low sodium levels. Apart from this, you may suffer bloody urine.

Next time you plan to participate in a marathon you must keep all these points in mind. In case your body is already weak then try not to expose yourself to such an exertion. However, in case you are fit and strong, you can consult your doctor prior to registering for a marathon.

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