The world awaits the COVID Vaccine- Hope the wait ends soon!

Wednesday October 14, 2020 at 11:56 am

Covid Vaccine

With the spread of Coronavirus, people across the world are waiting desperately to end this horrific terror, and only the vaccination is a solution to stop this dreadful Pandemic. COVID-19 is an awful virus that took the whole world on a toll with thousands of deaths and millions getting infected from it. Even after so many Lockdowns and Sanitization efforts, the counts are only shooting up in countries like India. Even the latest Pharma updates claim the scientists and researchers all over the globe are in full fling to come up with an effective Corona Vaccine. People are still waiting to get delighted with the Pharma news of COVID vaccine launched successfully all over.

How can Corona Vaccine protect against COVID-19?

As per the health experts, COVID-19 Virus enters and triggers your body; the immunity system creates antibodies of high value. With the help of a robust vaccine, your body can generate more elevated antibodies to combat Coronavirus that results in weakening of these viruses. Hence, doctors state that you can prevail a better immunity against this illness, and the terror of COVID-19 would finally come to an end. Even if it hits someone, the effect would be much milder as that of the common flu. Latest Pharma updates suggest that the Corona Vaccine can slow down the pandemic severity in the world and save a lot of lives against it.

What is the process to develop COVID Vaccine?

The biggest quest in front of the world is when this mysterious disease would come to an end? And the only answer is the development of an effective vaccine. All major countries, including India, are trying day and night to come up with the best vaccine and are at several levels of vaccination development as per the recent reports from WHO (World Health Organization). Few of them have already begun the clinical trials and claim to launch it soon.

But a few things take time to like it takes a while for the vaccine to show its results on any person’s immunity system, and it is mandatory to check responses to determine if there are any side-effects. Pharma news keeps updating on the latest developments related to the vaccine so that people stay aware of it. And the frustrating part is that even if any country announces the first-ever Corona vaccine, it might take a minimum of 12 to 18 months to make it ready for public use. And mind it, it is just a fraction of the actual time any vaccine takes to hit the market. Hence, everyone needs to keep patience and follow effective precautions until the feasibility of vaccination in the market.

Stages of vaccine development

Before the introduction of any vaccination, it goes through various stages of development and testing that ensure its efficacy against harmful bacteria. Few essential steps that lead to the outcome of vaccine are as follows:

  • Exploratory Stage- The primary phase starts with lab research where scientists and doctors work for years to think and innovate a compound or drug that works as a preventive shield against any disease. This time lasts from 2 to 4 years commonly.
  • Pre-Clinical Stage- In the next phase, scientists undergo multiple lab testing on animals like the monkeys or the mice to determine if the vaccine is working correctly or not. Average time of this stage lasts from 1 to 2 years. And the experiments might fail and retried multiple times. However, if it gets succeeded at one go and FDA validates it, the next level is the clinical testing.
  • Clinical Development- Testing in humans, moves through three phases. In Phase I, it lasts for around 1 or 2 years and involves less than 100 people. Next is Phase II, where vaccine testing involves hundreds of people at a stretch. And the last one is Phase III which affects thousands of people. In all, the entire time-lapse of a clinical trial might stretch to 15 years or even more at times. And only 1/3rd of vaccine trials even reach the final stage of development.
  • Regulatory scrutiny and Approval- Scientists who get FDA and CDC can move to clinical trials and then their part is over.
  • Manufacturing- Next comes the manufacturers who start with production. You receive an update through Pharma News as soon as the vaccine is out for production. Now FDA inspects the production factory and approves the drug labelling.
  • Quality Check- Next comes the quality check where government agencies and scientists keep a close eye on the drug-making procedure and also examines the people on whom trial goes off. Once all is good, the vaccine is out for sale.

All of this is important to know the precision of this extensive process where a vaccination might take half a decade to succeed. But looking at the plight of this Pandemic where mark already crossed over 14 million worldwide and the recorded deaths of 6 lakh people, WHO and the world are racing hard to get the Corona Vaccine to fight this disease.

Several countries, including the US, China, Russia, UK and India, are trying hard to get the vaccine for Coronavirus at the soonest. Almost 130 types of vaccines are under various testing stages to fight COVID-19, and no one knows when the world would get the news of vaccine launch.

  • Russia- As per the latest Updates, Moscow State Medical University claimed to complete the clinical trials related to this vaccine. They might soon come up with big news that the world is waiting for.
  • China- China Company Sinovac was already reaching the third stage of the Corona Vaccine and did a clinical trial on 15,000 registered volunteers from Abu Dhabi. They claim of noticing potent antibodies of those people, but there is no official announcement on the same.
  • UK- the UK is in full swing to launch the COVID-19 vaccine with support of Oxford University and Imperial College, and already 150 people are on a clinical trial. By November, the count would reach till 6000, and we hope to get some big news by the end of this year.
  • India– Latest Updates revealed two medicines Covaxin and ZyCov-D developed by Bharat Biotech and are under its initial phases. Many volunteers are approaching for the trials, and almost 100 million doses are ready after the successful clinical trials. It is to be out by March of next year.

There are also Australia and the US in the league of Vaccine development.

Wrap up

We bring you the latest pharma news from India and all over the world on current changes and developments in the healthcare Industry. Coronavirus is a saddening pandemic that is affecting the lives of thousands, and even the Pharma Industry is fighting its effects. Corona Vaccine can be a new dawn for the entire world, which is dealing with its grievances as this disease collapsed the economic and infrastructural growth of the whole world badly. Experts claim that the start of 2021 might bring up the first-ever Corona Vaccine and brings this issue to an end. Let’s hope to find the solution soon that India and the world go back to ‘OLD NORMAL’.

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