Blood Donation After COVID Vaccine: Is it Safe?

Tuesday July 6, 2021 at 1:03 am

Guide on Blood Donation After COVID-19 Vaccine- Facts Unleashed!

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, there were lots of anticipation and speculation regarding its effects, diagnosis, and now about the COVID-19 Vaccine! How safe is this blood donation once you got the jab? Are there are serious side effects? It is pretty safe to donate blood after the COVID vaccination unless you do not have any prominent side effects related to it.
Even many health experts assure that there is no harm in giving blood once you are immune against the dreadful. The recent pandemic has worsened the global scenario leading to a phenomenal downfall in blood collection at various blood banks. Hence, it is highly recommended to donate blood so that the needy ones do not lose their lives due to its shortfall!

All you Should Know about Blood Donation After Covid-19 Vaccine!

The Reports revealed the American Red Cross stated that the immune response from the vaccination dose with stay unaffected by giving the blood. There is no scientifically proven study about the reduction of antibodies to ensure protection from the COVID-19 Virus.
The Red Cross states that even the blood transfusion from a person who took Vaccine is safe. With no disruption in the body’s immunity mechanism, it is safe to donate blood after taking the vaccination dose. But you also need to be thoughtful and vigilant about many other aspects of this.
Pamper Young, MD and the Chief Medical Officer of American Red Cross, stated that there could also be a passive transfer of antibodies developed in the donor’s body after the Vaccine to the receiver. However, the levels of antibody transfer could be very low in the count.

What Does Antibodies Mean?

Antibodies refer to the proteins available on the upper surface of your immunity system known as B Cells. They portray a crucial role in helping you to overcome any infection and inactivates it completely.

Eligibility to Donate Blood After COVID-19 Vaccine!

Once you got the vaccination done, it is possible to go for blood donation at any given time. Until you intake healthy meals and feel good, there is no need to waste any time after the shot. The Red Cross also advised that donors give blood even between their first and second vaccination doses. But only if they are not facing any side-effects listed below:
• Headache
• Muscle ache
• Fever
• Soreness
• Weakness
Once you are free from all such side effects, it is possible to proceed with the blood donation!
When not to donate blood?
Blood donation is often considered an act of kindness to those struggling through critical health issues and conditions. A few things make it unviable for you to resume blood donation either temporarily or permanently. In the following circumstances, The World Health Organization advises avoiding blood donation.
• You are sick with a cold, fever, sore throat, or any other type of infection.
• Post any dental treatment, you need to wait for at least 24 hours.
• Recent travel to any country with enhanced risk of mosquito-related infections.
• Prone to any type of sexually transmitted disease in the last 12 months.
• Tested HIV Positive in the recent past.
• Breastfeeding moms
• If given birth in the last 9-10 months.
• Injected any recreational drugs.

What are the Types of Blood Donation?

During the initial stages of COVID-19, many patients got treated with the antibodies of those who underwent a recovery from the disease. It was known as Convalescent Plasma and proved beneficial in treating acting COVID infection. But The American Red Cross revealed that the people who took COVID-19 Vaccine are not eligible for the convalescent plasma donation. It is imperative to understand distinct types of blood donation after the COVID-19 Vaccine. And each one has its own set of eligibility and requirements. Take a look!
1. Whole Blood Donation- It constitutes white blood cells, red blood cells, Plasma, and Platelets. Donors can donate their blood every 56 days, and the majority of the states follow strict criteria of above 16 years of age. A person should weigh around 110 pounds for a donation of blood.
2. Platelet Donation- These are crucial blood clotting components that restrict the bleeding in the event of any injuries. Platelet donation is helpful for people who have cancer, traumatic injuries, or any other type of chronic disease. Platelet donation is possible up to 24 times a year, and you need to be 17 years or older for this.
Irrelevant of the vaccination status, blood donation is the need of the hour. Numerous blood donation centers confirm reducing blood collection against the surge in demand for blood by the patients. A collective study also suggests that the donors are refraining from the blood donation due to the fear of COVID-19 infection and lockdown restrictions. But most of the patients need this blood to cope with the majority of the life-saving treatments.

Can I Donate Blood After Taking the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Yes! It is totally fine to donate blood after taking the COVID-19 Vaccine, and there are numerous things to know.
• It is essential to offer the manufacturer name of which you have received the Vaccine at the time of blood donation.
• Stay hydrated and have good meals before you plan to give blood.
• Ensure that you do not have any other disease or deficiency as it affects the quality of blood.
• Go only to legitimate blood collection centers to avoid getting into any trouble,
There is no confined waiting period after you have got your COVID-19 Vaccine, and you are entirely okay after it. If the donors are unaware of the type of vaccination they received, it is advisable to wait for at least two weeks before giving blood.
Is it possible to donate blood if facing any side effects from the COVID-19 Vaccine?
The American Red Cross specifies that blood donation is possible only if you feel fantastic at the time of blood donation. If you already have scheduled the donation appointment and get the Vaccine just before it, it is better to complete the donation if you feel fine. Unless you do not have any side effects, there is no need to reschedule blood donation!

Bottom Line

Many people have ambiguous thoughts on blood donation after taking the COVID-19 Vaccine! They feel that it might end up weakening their immune response or decrease in antibodies. But this is absurd! Whenever the recipient undergoes a blood transfusion, there is a dilution process with their actual blood volume. Hence, they are in no way going to receive the same components from you.
In reality, your blood could be a survival hope to those battling with the dreadful COVID-19 effects! People are spending their life savings to protect their loved ones from the impact of this pandemic, and your blood could be a potential help to them. The scarcity of blood collection is a big challenge to the entire healthcare industry, and your small move could make a big difference!

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