Pharma Business and its Promotion

Friday November 1, 2019 at 7:52 am

There are so many Pharma companies all fighting to make their names among the consumers and doctors. It is very important to have a marketing and promotional strategy that will not only make you look credible but will also be memorable for the people.

Here is how you can promote your Pharma company:

  1. Memorable Logos

The simpler and the more attractive your logo is, the more memorable you will be for the customer. Pharma companies need not have complex logos, some icons of vitality, health and a good life can work great as they appeal more to the customers. Avoid focusing on medical equipment since no one wants to be reminded of sickness and though it is quite a relevant logo for a business in pharmaceuticals, it won’t be appealing.

  1. Be human

Humanizing your brand is the need of the hour. If a brand has human qualities, it can create an emotional bond with the consumers. It can make all the difference between a consumer choosing one brand or the other. Make sure that you make all your CSR activities known to the people.

  1. Impactful marketing

Promotional material is of utmost importance. The logo, design, and name of the brand do count but having an active promotional campaign, building good relation with doctors and sharing promotional material which highlights the benefits of the drugs is important. Sometimes if consumers remember a brand name, they would be asking specifically for meds of that brand.

  1. Promotional Material for Physicians:

Your marketing strategy should not be the same for all. For doctors and physicians, it should be different than the common masses. Since patients rely heavily on what the doctor prescribes, you should send relevant promotional material to physicians that will highlight the merits of your pharmaceutical product. Also send promotional products that physicians can use in their clinic, like a branded thermometer, pillboxes, pens, etc. As a pharmaceutical company, you should ensure a regular supply of these products so doctors remember your brand off the top of your head.

  1. Connect with people at events

Sponsoring events, TV campaigns, interaction sessions and workshops are the best places for pharma companies to establish good connections on the ground. Company presence means a direct relation with specific consumers. Having an interaction session with your target customer base can help strengthen bonds. There is no match for word-of-mouth publicity.

  1. Marketing v/s research

In the end, the most important thing for pharma companies is to focus on their products. There is no better marketing for a brand than a quality product. Pharma companies these days are spending more on marketing than on research. With less research, the drug prices will keep on rising and it will not be favorable for the consumers which in turn will impact the business as well. With R&D, you can have your product better than anyone else in the market. If your product is providing more benefits than others, then it will automatically lead to better sales.

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