This winter, keep yourself healthy with these tips

Sunday November 10, 2019 at 6:50 am

With winter already having one foot in the door, it is time to be conscious of our health what with microbial growth, mosquitos and so many other things adding to risk to our health. We here bring you 5 tips you can take up easily to stay healthy this winter.

1. Have a proper diet:

There is nothing balanced about the diets of people in modern times. We either eat too much or too little and almost always too badly. This is despite the fact that a balanced diet is our best shield against risks to our health. It is therefore imperative we learn to adopt a balanced diet. With winters around, immunity becomes imperative as it is what will help us resist cold, flu and other diseases carried by germs. Vitamin C is vital for increasing immunity and thus we must focus on an increasing amount of vitamin C rich food in our diet. Seeing we lose less energy to sweat etc during summers we do not need as many calories in winter as we do in other seasons – extra calories only increase weight, rather we must enrich our diet with fruits and vegetables which will provide us with much more vital proteins and micronutrients.

2. Exercise

Winters can make us lazy. It is though important we exercise enough daily. An hour of mild exercise such as walk is enough to stay fit as long as our diet is balanced.

3. Stay in sunlight

Spend an hour or so in the sunlight except when it is too hot, it is a good source of Vitamin D. However do not spend too much time in sunlight.

4. Be adequately clothed

Winters come gradually and not all at once. And so you might run the risk of putting on winter clothes to a bit too late. Moreover, at the onset, the weather is hotter around the middle of the day but is colder in and around nights. Thus it is imperative we dress adequately.

5. Drink Enough Water

We need less water during winters as loss due to sweat is lesser. However, we are also likely to drink far little water if because our need is not urgent. This is not good for us. We must drink an adequate amount of water to stay healthy.

Cheers to good health. 🙂

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