Navratri Diet Planner for 9 days

Saturday March 28, 2020 at 5:36 pm

Navratri, a nine days long celebration has finally arrived and most of us are worried about the diet plan that we are going to follow. To help you make eating easy, we are here with a plan for all the nine days so that you know what to eat without having to make a lot of repetition every day.

Day 1

After having Kuttu Cheela, Cold Coffee, Fruit in breakfast you can opt to have Samai Pulao, Dahi, Ghiye ke kofte for lunch. This will help you maintain a healthy balance of carbs. In the evening you can enjoy Potato Chaat with tea. At night, you can go in for preparing Amaranth roti, Paneer Bhujia, Fruit.

Day 2

Breakfast on day 2 can include some Potato Tikki, Almond, Walnut and fruit Chaat. In the lunch Sabudana Tikki, Green Chutney, Cold Coffee would be a great option. Dates and Nuts Ladoo will make your tummy happy in the evening with some tea. for dinner, you can opt for Spicey Sighara Roti, Dahi, Fruit.

Day 3

Breakfast on day 3 needs to include Samai Dosa, Paneer, Fruit followed by Quinoa Pulao, Aloo Kadi for lunch. Khire Ke Pakode with tea will be a delight for your starving stomach. Kaju Makhana Subzi, Clod Coffee/Milk Shake, Fruit can delight your stomach in the evening.

Day 4

Samai Dosa, Paneer, Fruit are perfect choices for a healthy breakfast on day 4 while Quinoa Pulao, Aloo Kadi will supply your body the essential nutrients in the afternoon in lunch. Khire Ke Pakode with tea is the evening will be again a good choice. Dinner can include Kaju Makhana Subzi, Clod Coffee/Milk Shake, Fruit.

Day 5

Samai Dhokla, Milk, Fruit is never a bad choice for a healthy breakfast so why not on day 5 of Navratri’s also? You can treat your taste buds with Quinoa, Lauki ka Dolna, Paneer in the lunch followed by Nuts and Seed mix along with tea in the evening. For dinner, opt for Kuttu Pizza, Fruit.

Day 6

Paneer Malpua, Fruit in the breakfast will give a good head start to your day followed by Kache Kele ki Tikki, Ghiya Raita that will keep you pumped with energy even after lunch. Bless your stomach with something light like Fruit Chaat in the evening keeping tea as an optional thing. Singhara Cheela, Milk Shake, Fruit is the best choice for the dinner menu.

Day 7

Makhana Kheer, Fruit in the morning is a delight to every stomach and Samai, Chironji Ka Dalna, Dahi in the afternoon are going to serve your taste buds. Aloo Chaat with tea in the evening is an amazing option and for dinner go in for Amaranth Roti with Grilled Paneer rolls, Fruit

Day 8

Begin your morning with Vrat Dahi Aloo, Fruit and have Kuttu Roti, Arbi Kofta, Dahi Mint dip in the lunch. In the evening, you can opt for Nuts and Seed Mix with tea. Dinner can comprise of Spicey Singhara Roti, Kaddu ki Subzi, Fruit.

Day 9

Breakfast can constitute of Samai Pulao, Cold Coffee, and in the lunch, you can opt for Kacche kele ki sheekh, Cucumber Raita. Have Roasted Peanuts in the evening accompanied by tea. For dinner sabudane Ki Kheer, Fruit is a perfect option.

These are all healthy dishes that we have suggested to you. you can always tumble the meal plan upside down as per your preference pattern but more or less the dishes remain almost the same with just a little variation here and there. You need to however keep your fridge well supplied with fruit.

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