Sabudana Recipes You Can Try For Navratri

Sunday March 29, 2020 at 12:49 pm

Navratri has finally arrived and all of us are literally excited. With all the pomp and celebration, one thing that adds flavor to this festival is the food. Most of us do fast during the celebration but then we do have food at least once a day. To make this one time meal mouth-watering for you, here we are with some delightful recipes for Navratri. As Sabudana is one of the major components of the entire festival of fasting, therefore all our wonderful dishes include sabudana as one of the major cooking ingredients.

  1. Kesari Sabudana Khichdi

One of the best dishes for Navratri celebrations is Kesari Sabudana Khichdi. This is easy to cook and tasty to eat. You simply need to soak sabudana and then add to it roasted peanuts. To this mixture sprinkle some lemon juice, salt as well as sugar. Next, you need to cook this mixture with potatoes, ginger, chilies, curry leaves, and saffron to add more taste to the dish. This easy to make recipe takes very less time to prepare.

  1. Khasta Sabudana Ki Tikki

Another popular Navratri dish on our list is Khasta Sabudana Ki Tikki. The major ingredients required to prepare this mouth-watering dish you require all the right ingredients. You ought to have on your plank sabudana that is soaked in water and few potatoes. In addition to this, you need to have some cashews. Spices and chilies are important to enhance the taste of this recipe. This recipe again takes less time to prepare.

  1. Sabudana Seekh Kebab

To prepare this dish you require some mashed potatoes. You need to mix these mashed potatoes with sabudana and then add to it the roasted groundnut powder. Other ingredients that you need to add one after another and blend with the above-mentioned ingredients are curd followed by red chili, coriander leaves, rajgira flour, salt, and a little sugar. You need to then grill these on skewers until these are perfect brown. This dish is quite heavy so is best suited for dinner. Also, it might take a little longer to prepare but remember all your efforts are worth the taste.

  1. Tapioca Dumplings

These are simply the dumplings that are well stuffed with mashed potatoes, peppercorns, peanuts, coriander and different sauces plus spices. The only difference is that you wrap this mixture using the coating that is prepared from sabudana. Having wrapped these in the coating, you simply need to put these in a steamer to cook. These are literally a treat to your taste buds.

  1. Sabudana Kheer

Kheer has undoubtedly been the king of all the deserts. The recipe is quite simple. All you need is soaked sabudana that simply needs to be cooked in milk. Once cooked fully, you need to add to this some sugar as per your taste and preference followed by some cardamom and saffron. This particular dish is perfect for those who are fasting during the navratra’s.

There are a lot of other dishes that can also be prepared using Sabudana. However, the ones that we have mentioned are comparatively easy to prepare. The ingredients required are also easily available in each and every Indian kitchen. Other than these, if you have some luscious sabudana dish recipe then do not forget to share it with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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