5 Hair Care Tips to Follow this Quarantine Season

Friday April 3, 2020 at 4:04 am

While you have nothing much to do at home during quarantine, one thing that you can do for sure is taking care of your hair with these awesome tips.

Deep Conditioning for 10 minutes

Mostly all of us use a conditioner after applying shampoo to our hair. However, how often do we opt for deep conditioning? The answer is never or rarely. The first hair care tip that we have for you for this quarantine season is deep conditioning. You simply need to thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo first. Next, you need to towel dry your hair and comb them with a broad teethed comb. Now take enough or say a decent amount of conditioner obviously a little more than you otherwise apply. Apply this conditioner not only to the tips of your hair but also to the roots. Using the comb ensures that it has reached every nook and corner of your head. Allow it to rest there for about 10 minutes. Do a little massage to ensure that it has fully delivered your hair the essentials and then wash off thoroughly.

Let not heat destroy your hair

Of course, all of us want straight hair at times and curls at another time. However, we are not realizing but each time we put our hair through the warmth of the straightener or the curler we are damaging them permanently. The dryer is also posing an equal threat to our hair but at times it becomes hard to skip a dryer but skipping the other two all the time is possible. To use dryer less, you can simply allow your hair to dry in the sun if possible. Straightening your hair needs patiently combing your hair when wet and then using the towel softly to soak the water. Though this won’t give you the straight hair you desire but will surely save your hair from damage. To curl your hair you simply need to twist them or braid them in little chunks and allow to remain that way the entire night, The next morning you are sure to have perfect curls.

Apply oil

Before washing your hair, apply some oil to your scalp. There is no definite oil that we would force you to stick to. Different oil types have their own perks. Applying mustard oil to your hair helps your hair stay naturally black but then it is quite smelly and difficult to get rid of. You can, however, opt for coconut oil as it boosts the growth of your hair just like almond oil and olive oil. The point is that whatever oil you decide to apply, make sure that you apply it to your scalp so that the roots of your hair get nourishment and let it settle for as much time as you can. Braiding your hair after the application of oil is also helpful.

Apply home-made hair masks

Mix egg with curd, honey or simply mix the egg with banana and honey, all these ingredients are easily available at home. Thoroughly mix these to get a smooth paste and then apply it on to your scalp. Let it sit there for around 30 minutes and wash your hair. Your hair will get the required nutrients and look more shiny and glossy in addition being smooth to touch.

Avoid use comb all the time

When outside it becomes mandatory to use a comb to tame your hair but at home, it is not required. You can simply use your fingers to tame your hair. This saves hair loss.

These 5 effective ways to take care of your hair is surely going to leave you with healthy hair having more volume.

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