Why Belly Fat is the most dangerous?

Thursday March 28, 2019 at 1:34 pm

While fat showing up almost anywhere in the body is dangerous, the belly fat, most disliked and one of the most easily acquired form of body fat is also one of the most dangerous to health. Here we are not concerned with body image issues it might provoke due to social prejudice but there are some real physical health issues.
There are a number of reasons why belly fat is most dangerous. Here is a look at some of them:

1. Heart disease

It is a very well known fact that people with belly fat are most prone to heart disease. A number of factors might be responsible for the same. However, this is definitely only of the most important reasons Why Belly Fat is the most dangerous.

2. Type 2 diabetes

Another disease that loves belly fat. The Type 2 diabetes is known to have people with belly fat as their special targets making it another reason Why Belly Fat is the most dangerous. Whether there is a cause and effect relationship or they are both caused by a third, excessive intake of calories, the point stays. Fatty acids are involved in insulation breakdown, thus the more the fatty acids in your body, the more your body tries to create insulin.

3. Cancers

Another reason Why Belly Fat is the most dangerous is that it helps in fighting cancer. People with belly fat are also more vulnerable according to some studies to certain forms of cancers. However, studies haven’t suggested anything conclusive in this regard.

4. Digestion related problems

Belly fat might directly or indirectly be responsible for several digestion related problems including diarrhea.

Measuring the belly fat

Having seen reasons Why Belly Fat is the most dangerous, let us now consider the question of whether we really have too much of it. Just take an inch tape, put it around your waist tight (but not so tight it might dig in your skin), just above your hip and measure. Anything above 40 for men and 35 for women shows too much of belly fat.

Who is more prone?

Men in their thirties are more prone to belly fat than women in the same age who mostly gain fat in their legs and hips. However, women start getting more belly fat around menopause. That said too much couch potato-ness will give you belly fat whatever age or sex you might have. A bad sleeping pattern is another factor that contributes to belly fats.

How to cut belly fat?

There is no short cut. None of the cosmetic surgeries will ward off health problems created by belly fat even if it rid of belly fat itself. The mantra for nirvana against belly fat both cutting it and preventing it is rigorous exercise. Even running helps. Exercise in itself can take care of reducing belly fat. However, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle help a great deal.

Prevention measures

It is easier to prevent belly fat than to fight it. You will have to go with a smartly made balanced diet (remember smart diet and not less diet! there is a huge difference in two), some daily physical exercise (not more than an hour a day), a proper routine for your meals and sleeping hours. if you feel a lot of stress, then learning some relaxation techniques will help a long way,


It is never too late to fight your body fats. However, if you have some recent surgery especially relating to heart or lungs, you must consult a doctor before throwing yourself into rigorous exercises. This is all form us on the subject of why Belly Fat is the most dangerous to your image. Will you like to add something?

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