Soaked Chia Seeds and Their Benefits

Friday June 24, 2022 at 11:39 am

Chia seeds offer precious health benefits and are great to include in your diet. However, one of their most excellent properties is that they can absorb as much as 12 times their weight in water. Now one may wonder what the big deal is with that, but the fact is that it makes them a potent way of losing weight. But how? And how to soak them in water in the first place? This article is going to discuss all this.

The thing about soaked chia seeds is that their high water content can slow down their digestion, and they stay in the stomach longer, making one feel full. Thus one eats less and consumes lesser calories.

Moreover, they are also an essential source of proteins, fibers, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Soaked chia seeds that have sat in the fridge overnight will also have a softer, creamier texture, which is nice and can be added to oats and smoothies.

Chia pudding, made with chia seeds and milk, is also much better to enjoy after sitting in the fridge for a night.

But let’s get back to basics first. How does one soak chia seeds? Well, there is nothing simpler. All one needs to do is soak them in water, and one may also soak them in milk and even yogurt. Each of these solutions serves a different purpose, and thus one must choose accordingly. Now, this article will explore these processes in detail.

1. Soaking Chia Seeds in Water

One will get chia to seek gel when one soaks chia seeds in water. A chia gel has the advantage of the chia seeds’ natural ability to absorb water and its various health benefits, including its ability to slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars.

The reader must do their experiments to figure out the ideal ratio of chia seeds and water to get the perfect solution for them. There is no fixed ratio, and a lot depends on the purpose for which they are used, but a good ratio is a 6:1 ratio between seeds and water. If the reader likes something easily drinkable, the ratio should be at least 9:1. The water for the purpose should be warm as that will help make gel faster.

One needs whole chia seeds that are high quality, raw and organic.

For making the chia seed gel take the following steps:

  • Pour the right amount of chia seeds into the water.
  • Shake the solution for at least 15 seconds, and then let it stand.
  • Once the chia seeds have been resting for a minute, one should shake them for another 15 seconds.
  • One can seal the container tightly and place it in the fridge for however long one might need to. The closed environment should help the seeds soak the water better.
  • The container should be air-tight to avoid loss of water in the form of moisture,

The resultant gel will stay in the stomach for a long time, thus helping one cut back on calories. Moreover, the high water content is good for hydration and maintaining electrolyte balance.

2. Soaking Chia Seeds In Almond Milk

Almond milk can help one consume chia seeds in a creamy solution without worrying about lactose from milk products. This lactose and gluten-free solution, good for vegan and vegetarian people, is like a pudding made of only two ingredients. One can make it by taking the following steps:

  • One can mix them in one’s preferred ratio of chia seeds to almond milk, preferably in a closable container.
  • Next, shake it up and mix it well.
  • Next, put it into the fridge overnight.
  • In the morning, one can top it with berries, nuts, fruits, honey, granola, etc.

If one is unsure of a ratio to start with when soaking chia pudding with almond milk, a ¼ cup of chia seeds with about four tablespoons and a cup of almond milk can be a good starting point.

If the reader is constantly struggling to find time to make breakfast every morning, this is a good breakfast for them as One can make it last night only. However, this is true only if one doesn’t top it with other things. The other toppings may make food spoil much faster.

Moreover, they can last for up to 3 days if kept in refrigerators.

If the reader would rather not wait for a few hours, they can also stir the chia seeds in water in a closed container in the desired ratio and then let it sit for ten minutes. The result will be a good enough approximation for a quick meal.

3. Soaking Chia Seeds In Yogurt

The method is the same as above, except the time needed for the process of seeking is between 8 to 12 hours, and one should use only thin, running yogurt rather than something solid and thick, which won’t have enough fluidity for chia seeds to soak up. To make yogurt less dense, one can mix it with milk. While the reader must determine the ideal ratio, they prefer by experiment, a ratio of 1:1 is an excellent place to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The subject of soaking chia seeds is connected with several frequently asked questions (FAQs). The following are some of the most important of these.

Question: Why is it essential that chia seeds should be organic?

Answer: If chia seeds are not organic, pesticides may get soaked inside.

Question: How To Use A Chia Gel?

Answer: There are several ways to consume them – raw, as additions to different meals, gels, etc.; as a pudding with various toppings, smoothies, salad dressings, etc.

If the reader has any other queries, they should feel free to ask them here.

The Bottom Line

One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding that soaking chia seeds are a way to get excellent treats.

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