What to Eat Before a Run

Tuesday November 20, 2018 at 1:47 pm

Considering taking running exercises? you know it is a good way to lose those extra 5 kilos around your waist or is it that you wanna have a go at a marathon? whatever the reason be, It is an awesome decision and we are proud of you but running means your body is consuming a lot of ts energy – your blood is running faster too, your heart is beating faster and of course all the energy spent in actual local locomotion of body. It thus becomes imperative that your body is properly fuelled before you go running.

Here we take a look at the food items that should be preferably be eaten before running:

1. Water (like obviously)

Yeah, it should be obvious but it is often the one thing most ignored. If the body’s hydration needs are not taken care of, running will be more disadvantageous than advantageous as dehydration might cause muscular problems. Now how much water is enough can be gauged from the color of your urine. If it is light yellow, you are drinking enough water. If it of a darker color you need to drink more water. Start by drinking some water about a quarter of an hour before the run and, preferably carry always carry a bottle of water with you. In this context, you need not to worry yourself with energy or sports drinks. They are for activities much harder than running for a few minutes.

2. Food to eat hours before

Now when it comes to the choice of food, it depends upon the kind of run you are going for.

If it is a hard session you are going to go for, your body is going to consume carbohydrates. Now, as a rule, your body can store carbohydrates only for a limited time thus you want to fuel up on them. In this case, you can take a diet that has a good amount of carbohydrates, proteins etc. Based on your personal taste and health needs, you can eat one or a combination of these items: wheat pasta made with cheese and veggie, Veggie omelet with toast, fruits, Yogurt, Nuts, chickpea wrap etc.

Note that these items must be given time to be digested before you start running – at least two hours after a large meal and half an hour after a small one. Courgette tortilla wedges with pesto & rocket, Crab & asparagus omelet and Chicken breast with avocado salad are some of the items you can eat thirty minutes before the run. Moreover, don’t get too excited and eat too much of them. Excessive consumption is going to go down hard on your legs.

In case you are running to lose weight, you don’t need to consume anything extra (except water of course). In this case, you will need lighter exercises like jogging – lighter but ones that are undertaken over a longer period. Avoid eating any extra carbohydrates or fats. Once your body has burned up carbs that already in there, it will start consuming fats and you will lose weight in no time.

3. What to avoid?

Now in this penultimate meal, you must avoid eating too many beans, onions, cream-based food items.

Also particularly avoid any heavy fat items, they are most difficult to digest and you do not want to go running when your stomach is already having a hard time dealing with those fats it received because of the gluttony of your taste buds. Avoiding fats and sports drinks become even more imperative when you are running in order to lose weight, in which case you may also want to avoid too much of carbohydrates.

This is all, hope you have a nice time running

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