Best Fitness Gadgets for 2019

Tuesday November 20, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Are you too lazy to work too hard in Gym and looking for some shortcuts? Look no further because we have the answer to your problem in the form of smart fitness gadgets that are effective. All the gadgets we are going to discuss can be taken to the gym with convenience – they are more of personal accessories than large gym machines. And they often come in the form of things you would carry or wear anyway – headphones, shoes. This means that you aren’t carry anything too large.

And so enough of beating about bush, here is our list of best fitness gadgets for 2019:

1. Jabra Sport Coach headphones

Headphones made specifically for the gym. They are wireless and thus handy when exercising and they have a built-in health tracker while furnishes you will all the stats health trackers are normally known to provide. They also have a built-in assistant that will encourage and coach you. They also count your reps for you. Of course, you can use them to listen to music too.

2. Cue Deep Health Tracker

There are a number of health trackers out there that will give you basic health stats – calories burnt, the number of steps taken. What makes Cue Deep our pick is that it goes deeper and gives you more than basic stats like testosterone, inflammation, Vitamin D, fertility etc. it will even help you detect diseases like Influenza.

3. Mark One Pryme Vessyl

Another health tracker – only this one works to track your body’s hydration needs. It will tell you whether or not you have consumed a sufficient amount of water for the day. The stats are synced to a mobile app via Bluetooth.

4. Digitsole Smart Shoes

Talking about laziness, are you too lazy to tie your own shoelaces? well, Digitsole smart shoes have none. They tighten themselves. Moreover, they maintain a specific warm temperature for your body. And they are very good health trackers as well -telling you the number of calories burnt, distance traveled etc. All this information is transferred to your Android or iOS smartphone app via Bluetooth.

5. Skulpt: Measure Body Fat and Muscle

A scanner that tells you about your body fat percentage and gives you a deep analysis of your muscles. If it is the strength you are after instead of staying fit, stats like calories burnt, the number of steps taken etc that are normally given by gym gadgets useless. This is where Skulpt comes in. It helps you get an idea of how much of muscles you have built and measure body fat percentage in different parts, 24 different parts, and provide you a detailed analysis and also guide you as to what your next exercise should be.

6. Bowflex Selecttech 560 Dumbbells

Another gadget for strength training, these are dumbbells that have automatically adjustable weights – from 5 to 60 pounds. This means these are the only two dumbbells you will ever need. They have built-in health trackers too which sync your health details on an app in your mobile – which will monitor the condition of your heart, the number of reps, the progress you have made.


This ends our best fitness gadgets for 2019. All of the above gadgets come with Bluetooth which let you sync the stats they have to share to their respective apps via Bluetooth. That, of course, means they will need charging too but here their smartness means they know how to make the battery last longer. We do hope you will get your hands on some of these bad boys. Have a nice time sweating your way to fitness

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