The capital city starts off with its vaccination drive

Monday May 3, 2021 at 3:48 pm
New Delhi : On Monday, the Delhi Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia exclaimed that the Covid-19 vaccine has started at 301 centres for all people across the national capital who are within the age bracket of 18-44 years.
Sisodia after visiting the Vinod Nagar vaccination centre stated, “Vaccination has started at 76 schools of Delhi government today. With this, vaccination has begun at 301 centres for the 18-45 age group. Our target is to make 10 centres at every school. We will continue to expand the number of centres as we receive more vaccines”.
He also added saying that on May 1 the Delhi government has received 4.5 lakh doses of the vaccine and they are in close contact with the vaccine manufacturers to receive further jabs.
Sisodia is of the opinion, “We received 4.5 lakh vaccine doses on May 1. We are in touch with vaccine manufacturers. We have given appointments to 45,150 people for vaccination today. People are very eager for taking the vaccines. We hope for 100 per cent turnout”.
The Deputy Chief Minister also told that they have asked for help for various sources that includes the army, the central government and its different wings and the private sector for transporting the oxygen.
According to the data, Sisodia proclaimed that on Sunday, Delhi only received 440MT oxygen that is much lower than the estimated quota of 590 MT.
He also stated that as the government is increasing the availability of beds, the daily supply of oxygen needs to be increased to 976 MT.
On May 1, the vaccination procedure has started for the ones aged between 18-45 years in various regions of the country.